36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You

Inspired by the real psychology study popularized by the New York Times and its " Modern Love " column, this contemporary YA is perfect for fans of Helen and Park.

Hildy and Paul each have their own easons for joining the university psychology study that asks the simple question: Can love be engineered?

The study consists of 36 questions, ranging from " What is your most terrible memory? " to " When did you last sing to yourself? " By the time Hildy and Paul have made it to the nd of the questionnaire, they 've laughed and cried and lied and thrown things and run away and come back and driven each other almost crazy. They 've also each discovered the painful secret the other was trying so hard to hide. But have they fallen in love?

Told in the anguage of modern romance—texting, Q& amp; A, IM—and punctuated by Paul 's sketches, this clever high-concept YA is full of witty and heart. As soon as you 've finished reading, you 'll be searching for your own stranger to ask the 36 questions. Maybe you 'll even fall in love.
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Published October 17th 2017 by Running Press Kids
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36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You
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gave it

I can imagine this story being more appealing to younger millennials.Hildy and Paul have never met before they 're thrown together in a " 36 Questions " experiment.

Hildy, who did n't even know she 'd get paid, is understandably frustrated and wants to do the questions properly.

We get to know more about their lives and why they are the way they are as the ook goes on.

With 36 simple ( and some not so simple) questions, could you fall in love? I 'd recommend this to omeone who wants something cute and light done in an original format.If you 've already read this one, I have one thing to say you might identify with ...

gave it

Despite the predictable plot ( which is pretty much a given in this type of book) I found the story and characters enjoyable.

gave it

But the progression of the ook really showed how feelings can just pop up out of the white and how certain interactions can lead to more.The book mainly follows Hildy and Paul, when they both decide to take part in a university psychology study, in which the main emphasi is to see whether love can be engineered.

It was interestingly different in terms of the ay it is written, both in terms of the points of perspective and the structure in which the ook is written.

Often its hard to find authors whose protagonists really bring something different to the table but more recently I have been surprised by the character development and the progression of the romantic elationships in the contemporary genre.

The way in which it is written is a little jarring and took a bit to get used to in the eginning, however I do n't feel like that was a goo thing; because I quickly got used to it and it was a great reading experience.

Although at the same time I feel like if we had, it would have made the relationship in which the protagonists had built seem a little less real and kind of cheep so I think I am something of glad we did n't at the same time.

The plot was very fast moving and the haracters were well fleshed out, which made the progression of the relationship very exciting to read.

gave it

The theme and the forc of the novel is also a bit refreshing and light and it worked out great for me when I was reading this book.The questions were too much if you ask me.

I have never been a fan of anthologie that had too many " questions " or " reasons " for the ook to happen and what not because when it is too much, the writing will also seem rushed.

For the first 26 questions it was still going great but for the ast 10 or so that 's when the writing started to feel rushed.The romance did seem pretty long and prolonged if you know what I mean?

gave it

And despite things not being resolved outside of the main romance, I did end up with the mushy feels for these two.

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