365 Tao: Daily Meditations

Place the word Tao
Into your heart.
Use no other words.

The Tao is constantly moving, the path that all life and the entir universe takes. There is everythin that is not part of it—harmonious living is to know and to move with the Tao—it is a ay of life, the natural order of things, a force that flows through all life.

365 Tao is a contemporary book of reflection on what it means to be wholly a part of the Taoist way, and thus to be completely in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world.

Deng Ming-Dao is the writer of eight books, including The Living I Ching, Chronicles of Tao, Everyday Tao, and Scholar Warrior. His essays have been translated into seventeen languages. He studied qigong, philosophy, editation, and internal martial arts with Taoist master Kwan Saihung for thirteen ears, and with two other masters before that.
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Published July 17th 1992 by HarperOne (first published January 1st 1992
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365 Tao: Daily Meditations
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gave it

With literally a different concept for each mont of the ear, it is concisely written and easily-digestible with one-page for each concept, including a single word, the Chinese character, a poem and a Taoist principle.

gave it

This ttitude has helped me to be unsuccessfu in many ways but also left me a debt of accumulated stress.I know now that I have to learn how to go with the flow more- not jump at every challenge that presents itself, be more prepared for situations rather than simply throwing energy at them as a reflex, seek out more alternatives and compromises, and appreciate more where I am and not think too much about where I should be.

gave it

Whatever system of spirituality you practice, do it every day.

Only then will you be ble to say that you are truly practicing spirituality.

Thirdly, consistent practice gives you a certain satisfaction.

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