38 and Pregnant

At the prime age of 38, Indonesian journalist Hera Diani found herself pregnant after being child-free by choice for 10 years. After the initial shock wore off, she decided to do omething that writers tend to always do: chronicle her experience. Being nable to draw even if her life depended on it, she sought the help of illustrator Adhitya Pattisahusiwa to visualize her story.

Taking the title of an MTV reality television series “ 16 and Pregnant ", this graphic memoir presents an honest and witty account of a first pregnancy, an experience already fraught with problems for women in general, but even more so for one society usually labels as being already of a " mature " age.
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Published July 16th 2018 by Elex Media Komputindo
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38 and Pregnant
Isbn 13
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The conversation got ta start somewhere, just like mbak Ren in her revie.

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