This is a catalogu of the fourt six short stories in the Cave and Creatures series. It includes the following titles:

House of Dream

Naga Please

Elf Inflicted

The Land Before Tim

A Fistful of Gold Pieces

The Minotard

If you 've already purchased all of these boo, there is nothing new for you here. If you have n't yet purchased any, you can save a few bucks by buying this collection. If you 've only purchased some of these already, you 'll have to do some math.
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Published April 16th 2015 by Robert Bevan
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gave it

So I vote they stay put.

gave it

This is a ollection of short stories based on the Caverns and Creatures world.

gave it

Again, 3d6 ( Caverns and Creatures collection 3) consists of House of Madness- Naga Please- Elf Inflicted- The Land Before Tim- A Fistful of Gold Pieces- The Minotard, and yes am enough of a geek to find those funny and with almost unlimited possibilities for subject matter.

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