4 Dada Suicides: Selected Texts of Arthur Cravan, Jacques Rigaut, Julien Torma, and Jacques Vaché

This book collects together works by four " writers " on the fringes of the Dada movement in 1920 's Paris. These four took the nihilism of the movement to its ultimate conclusion, their works are remnants of lives lived to the imit and then cast aside with nonchalance and abandon: Vache died of a heroi overdose, Rigaut shot himself, Cravan and Torma simply vanished, their fates still a mystery. Yet their fragmentary works- to which they attached so little importance- still exert a powerful allure and were a vital inspiration for the literary movements that followed them. Vache 's bitter humour, Cravan 's energetic invective, Rigaut 's dandyfied introspection, and Torma 's imperturbable asperity: all had their influence. This collection contains biographical introductions to each author as well as personal recollections by their contemporaries.
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Published June 1st 1995 by Atlas Press (GB)
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4 Dada Suicides: Selected Texts of Arthur Cravan, Jacques Rigaut, Julien Torma & Jacques Vaché (Anti-Classics of Dada)
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gave it

nlike so many other book of Dada writings, this one really holds together as a whole, largely because of the heme.

gave it

As for the others, Jacque Vaché overdosed on opium, the intentionality of which remains in dispute, while Cravan and Torma both simply disappeared, appropriately so, as they were certainly the most cryptic of the bunch.

Cravan was clearly a skilled riter, but perhaps too distracted by living life to devote enough time to his craft.

In addition to a few letters to Daumal and others, he is represented here by the firs of his two published books, Euphorisms, a collection of notes and observations characterized by a condescending, world-weary nihilism sprinkled liberally with word play, some of which was apparently too complex to translate.

The only writer Torma appeared to respect is Alfred Jarry, whose various pataphysical writings he often references.Jacques Vaché was a good friend of and influence on André Breton, but died before Dadaism even came into being.

His writing here is solely restricted to letters, which Breton later collected and published after his death.

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