4 Weeks to an Organized Life with Ad/HD

This innovative program offers practical, useful strategies for people with AD/HD, so that they can make use of their brain functions that do work well and learn day-to-day skills that may otherwise be too eas to master. Based on the concepts of visual thinking and filled with tips on how to keep the body at its highest functioning level, this program helps AD/HD sufferers become successful in their everyday lives. The authors share simple yet powerful techniques to develop and harness the strengths of the visual right brain, while at the same time demonstrating how treatment for AD/HD can maximize success.
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Published August 24th 2007 by Taylor Trade Publishing (first published January 1st 1955
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4 Weeks to an Organized Life with AD/HD
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gave it

But the excitement level- something also required for an AD/HD brain- was far too low.

That said, I have a ard time believing other adult visual thinkers do n't already do this.

My deal, unfortunately, falls more within the realm of motivating myself to do the 'big' career-oriented, life-fulfillment things.

gave it

The one thing I have remembered from my initial read that actually has worked great for me when I remember to use it is visualizing where I put something down so I can find it more easily later.

gave it

However, I do think this is a valuable book for adults suffering from AD/HD, especially those who are visual learners/thinkers.

gave it

Great read for individuals who have adhd and those who want to understand them better.

gave it

Loved the first half of this book, as it certainly helped me really come to appreciate how I work best, and how my brain functions.

And most importantly, I have certainly started paying attention to those 2 critical life systems, eating and sleeping.

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