41 Reasons I'm Staying In: A Celebration of Introverts

In a world of seemingly unending social obligations, we could all use a night off.

In 41 Reasons I 'm Staying In, illustrator and self-proclaimed introvert Hallie Heald imaginatively portrays engaging and sometimes outlandish excuses to avoid leaving home.

With each page comes a new room and character, pursuing their obsessions, hobbies, interests, and sudden whims with gusto:

plotting world takeover, learning magic, mooning over a crush, evading taxes, and beyond.

This ark and humorous celebration of introverts offers a unique look into their private worlds and reminds us of the deep fulfillment and joy we can find in spending time alone.

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Published January 29th 2019 by Morrow Gift
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gave it

Lovingly illustrated with lots of fun little extras, these drawings make Heald ’ s desire for introverts of all types come through loud and clear.

gave it

But then it kept coming through over and over, with ozens of holds on a dozen copies, and I was overcome with FOMO and put myself into the queue.Turns out my initial impression was right and it really is a kin of nothing book.

gave it

This seems like it ’ s more for older kids and up.

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