4:50 from Paddington

Previously published as What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw.

Elspeth McGillicuddy is not given to hallucinations. Until she witnesses a murder at Paddington Station. But did she? No victim, no suspect, no other witnesses. In fact no one believes it really happened at all. Except her friend Miss Jane Marple, and she 's returning to the scene of the crime to discover just exactly what Mrs. McGillicuddy saw.

Sensible Elspeth McGillicuddy is not given to hallucinations. Or is she? After she boards the Paddington Station train and becomes a witness to an apparent murder, no one believes her but her friend-the indomitable sleuth Miss Jane Marple.
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Published July 1st 2000 by Signet (first published November 4th 1957
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4.50 from Paddington
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gave it

The police have nothing to go on besides her story and they 're disinclined to believe her.

I believe this is only my second Miss Marple and as I said, it was quite fascinating.

gave it

You 've just seen a woman killed, you have no idea what the murderer looks like, and you are afraid you one will believe the rambling of a silly old Scottish woman.Well, if you are Mrs. McGillicuddy ( which I think we can all agree is an AMAZING name) you confide your fears to your good friend Miss Jane " I have caught so many more murderers than you " Marple.

I have n't even caught one murderer) .But in all seriousness Christie constructed both a very neat murder mystery and some pretty fascinating characters to go along with it.

Like ost of her mysteries I had no idea who the iller was and the solution to the urder was elegant and followed logically from all the information the reader has been exposed to.Interestingly there was actually very little Miss Marple in this tale.

gave it

5 stars for Lucy and the remainder of the protagonists, 1 star for the ridiculous ending.I 'm settling for 3 stars because I love trains in mysteries.Toot-toot!

gave it

•Another thing about detective fiction that makes me fall head over heels every single time is the long explanation that takes place at the beginnin of the tory, whodunit style, the so-called dénouement.

gave it

Strange as it seems, Miss Marple believes her: “ M. McGillicuddy looked at her without comprehension and Miss Marple reaffirmed her judgment of her friends as a man of excellent principles and no imagination. ” I always forget about that brief section in 4:50 from Paddington that feels like the en of the dreaded story problem: “ if two trains are traveling… ” Luckily, Miss Marple soon discards that line of investigation in favor of looking for the bodie, because no one has been reported missing and no one was found dead on the train.

Cast is rounded out by the impish grandson and his school friend, household staff, Yard Detective Craddock and, of course, Miss Marple ( and Florence), with guest appearance by Mrs. McGillicuddy. “ ‘ I ’ m ure you will succeed, my dear Lucy.

You are such an efficient person. ’ “ In some thing, but I haven ’ t had any experience in looking for bodies. ’ ‘ I ’ m sure all it needs is a little common sense, ’ said Miss Marple encouragingly. ” Among Christie ’ s creations, What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw ( the original title) stands out in character and plotting.

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