In 1945, Hitler unleashed the Blood Death on Britain as his final act of engeance.

Those who died at once were the lucky ones. The really unfortunate took years. The victim- people like me, who had the blood group that kept us safe from the disease- were now targets for those who believed our blood could save them.

I survived for three days. I lived alone, spending my days avoiding the fascist Blackshirts who wanted my blood for their dying leader. Then I met the others- and life got complicated all over again...

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Published January 12th 2017 by Pan (first published November 4th 1996
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gave it

The ity is a decaying mess and ruling over the dead are a band of neo-Nazi British -- the Blackshirts -- who are slowly dying from the plague.

Sport of course, did n't I said they where a bunch of Neo-Nazi, but mostly because they crave the blood of the immune in the illusion that transfusing it into their own bodies will save their lives.

gave it

It 's a classic action novel with pages of drawn out set-pieces supported by elaborate descriptions of the physical structure of a post-apocalyptic London.

However what would be a great set-up for a video game, graphic novel or a movie does n't work so well for a novell.

Pag and pages of high-speed pursuits and one cliffhanger after another is n't so effective when it 's in writing.

I skimmed the last tent of the novels and did n't miss anything since there was othing to miss.I 'm giving this book two stars because it was n't a piece of arbage.

gave it

The twist here is that although Hitler did lose the war, his left a nasty partying gift behind, something that kills anyone whose blood type is n't AB negative.

The landscap and descriptions of a war torn London are absolutely stunning.

gave it

Among the ghostly remnants of civilization, a group of fascist bad guys ( Blackshirts) is trying to round up all uninfected humans, including our superhero, the American pilot named Hoke, and steal their blood in a esperate ttempt to cure themselves.Hoke is going through this novel like a character from Half Life, running, jumping, riding bikes, cars and boats, fighting, shooting, and killing dozens of Blackshirts, and suffering only minor injuries in the rocess.

gave it

It is also indicated that the disease spread and wiped out most of the world, the only survivors being those who belong to the rare AB negative blood group.The story follows Hoke, a survivor of Hitler 's deadly attack living in the tow of London.

The action throughout and the interaction of the haracters was sufficient to keep me as a reader interested throughout and the " beginnin of the world " theme that the ook takes on is one that I am a particular fan of.

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