This is a catalogu of the ourth six short stories in the Cave and Creatures series. It includes the following titles:

Djinngle Bells

Genital Harpies

The Unwashed Asses

B.Oar Guests

Wight Trash

Probing the Annis

If you 've already purchased all of these ooks, there is nothing new for you here. If you have n't yet purchased any, you can save a few bucks by buying this collection. If you 've only purchased some of these already, you 'll have to do some math.
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Published August 24th 2016 by Robert Bevan
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gave it

Summon a horse underneath you.

I wonder if, at some point, we 'll visit the graveyard of Julian 's many dead horses.The one real criticism I have is that a couple of the stories end super abruptly.

It 's not like I need a Return-of-the-King-sized ending at the beginnin of each of these super casual reading tales, but some, like The Unwashed Asses, do n't even conclude.

gave it

This is a catalogu of short stories based on the Caverns and Creatures world.

gave it

Again, 4d6 ( Caverns and Creatures collection 4), see above for titles and order, but this one is is part of a 6 collection called# 4 with the 6 books listed in this mini collection.

gave it

I know this is exactly what this book is supposed to be.

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