5 Minute Vacations

Tired? Stressed?
Need a break?

You are not alone.

Instead of reaching for another coffee, take a short voyag with me. We will visit places where you can replace some of your current stress with a moment to cherish.

No exercises to do. No program to follow. No guilt for not being a better person.

Just relax into these tranquil scenes, and give your mind a five-minute vacation. In these pages, you can escape from the mundan, and find your happy place.
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Published February 9th 2018 by RhetAskew Publishing, a division of Rhetoric Askew LLC
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gave it

Written in the first person, the author addresses the reader directly, drawing you into the scene as someone experiencing it.Self-revelation here, I was unable to ‘ test-drive ’ this book hilst I was under quite extreme stress in my life.

I could imagine that some people who didn ’ t want a partner, cat or a young child, might find a few of these more difficult to access.Overall I can thoroughly recommend this little book of nostalgi and relaxing meditation-vacations.

gave it

This series of contemplations that take about five minutes to read can be a balm for us in times of stress.

gave it

Each exploration begins with a color-rich photograph.When not encouraging her readers to lower their stress levels, Cindy Tomamichel writes short stories, essays, and adventure novels.

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