5 Years Later

When I was 13, he stole my heart

When I was 18, he took my innocence

When I was 23, he said he would love me forever

When I was 28, he broke my heart

Now I 'm 33 ... and there 's a knock at the oor. He 's back, again. And this time he 's not alone.

* Full length standalone romance with guaranteed HEA and no cheating*
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Published April 25th 2017
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5 Years Later
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gave it

Problem is she 's more fucked up than he is and ca n't even see it.With all the back and forth with 10 years ago, 5 years ago, present day I was getting whiplash.

gave it

How a person can claim to love another, actually feel whole in their presence ( which I 'll get to in a minute), but the second everything falls into place, he sabotages things, every single time.

Their whole all-consuming love, so much so that every time they meet, they fall immediately into bed, it 's just wrong.

I do n't like reading books involving addicts.

And the timeline, telling the tory in random time-shifting flashbacks, just got annoying.

gave it

But every time he comes back into ily ’ s life, he ruins everything for her, never really apologizes, immediately jumps back into bed with her ( while promising that “ this time ”, it ’ s forever), then abandons her without a goodbye for another 5 years.

I hated everything about Aidan.And after everything he puts Lily through, at the beginnin, when he has one setback, his first instinct is to immediately go back to using.

From what I ’ ve seen in this novel ( including right up until the end), he ’ ll go back to rugs and probably leave Lily high and dry.

Missed words, misused words, punctuation errors, weirdly phrased stuff that doesn ’ t read anywhere close to right ... these are all issues you ’ ll have to tolerate in order to finish this one.Long-story-short, I hated the hero with a fiery passion and wanted the heroine to grow a spine so that I could fix her up with a better hero from another ook.

gave it

I did however love their chemistry ( even though for me Lily was a tad annoying) but it made up for the ast couple of chapters and that epilogue.

gave it

DO N'T FORGET A TISSUE BOX.This is a fantasti story with so many wist and turns that while reading i could not stop crying.This story is about Kat and Aiden and there twisted love story which always bought destruction and heart break for them.Every time Aiden came into Lily 's like he bought love and eartbreak.

gave it

I might have liked this story if it had one or two less steps, but taking place of 20 years?

And sometime close to when he saw her last ( 5 years ago) he got involved with his aun in law and literally shows up with the kid from this dalliance.

gave it

I ’ ve read so many wonderful and memorable books this year and yet, I don ’ t think a story has hit me as hard as “ 5 Years Later ” in a really long time.

The ast time I was all choked up was Mia Kayla ’ s “ Choosing Forever. ” We meet Aiden and Lily, two broken people whose lives have been connected for the past dozen years by… love.

There were times in the ook when I wondered, “ Ca she ever give up? ” If you love a tory that will keep you up all night, will make you cry, will make you want to scream out loud, put you through an emotional roller-coaster, will make you feel like your heart is struggling to jump out of your chest because you ’ re so torn up, then I highly recommend reading “ 5 Years Later. ” I ’ m probably doing a terrible injustice to this incredibl book by writing this review.

I just needed to express how much I truly loved reading this unforgettable, epic journey between Aiden and Lily.

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