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Their verse... is strikingly different. Michael 's poems are interior, fragmentary, and austere, often stripped down to single-word lines; they seethe with incipient violence. Matthew 's are effusive, ecstatic, and all-embracing, spilling over with pop-cultural references and exuberant carnality. " — The New Yorker

Identical twins Michael and Matthew Dickman once invented their own anguage. Now they have invented an exhilarating nove of poem-plays about the fifty states. Pointed, comic, and quirky, these one-page vignettes feature unusual staging and an eclectic cast of characters—landforms, lobsters, and historical figures including Duke Ellington, Sacajawea, Judy Garland, and Kenneth Koch, the avant-garde spirit informing this book introduced by playwright John Guare.

" Lucky in Kansas "

Judy Garland: This is always the worst part
Tin Man: The coming back
Judy Garland: Yes, it fucking sucks, it 's depressing as shit
The Lion: Well, we 're lucky to still be employed at this farm
Straw Man: I would n't call it lucky
The Lion: We were lucky to get back
Straw Man: That 's not really lucky either I do n't think you know what lucky means
Judy Garland: It 's funny what you miss
Tin Man: The running
Judy Garland: The flying
Tin Man: The flying monkeys
Judy Garland: The beautiful flying monkeys above the endless emeralds the unbelievably green world

Michael Dickman and Matthew Dickman are identical twins who were born and raised in Oregon, Oregon. Michael received the 2010 James Laughlin Award for his second collection Flies ( Copper Canyon Press, 2011). Matthew won the prestigious APR/Honickman Award for his debut volume, All-American Poem.
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Published June 5th 2012 by Copper Canyon Press (first published April 10th 2012
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gave it

There 's an irreverence here that 's at times too glib, but the poems that do work here -- and there are many -- are well worth the time it takes to spin through this brief collection.

gave it

And maybe a twist of lemon?

Yes a twist of lemon and a splash more vodkaA YOUNG WOMAN.

A splash more vodkaA YOUNG MAN.

A couple three or four splashes and ice and a twist of lemonA YOUNG MAN.

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