50 Great American Places: Essential Historic Sites Across the U.S.

A one-of-a-kind guide to fifty of the most important cultural and historic sites in the United States guaranteed to fascinate, educate, and entertain—selected and described by the former assistan of the Smithsonian ’ s National Museum of American History.

From Massachusetts to Florida to Washington to California, 50 Great American Places takes you on a voyag through our nation ’ s istory. Sharing the inside tories of sites as old as Mesa Verde ( Colorado) and Cahokia ( Illinois) and as recent as Silicon Valley ( California) and the Mall of America ( Minnesota), each essay provides the historical context for places that represent fundamental American themes: the compelling tale of democracy and self-government; the dramatic impact of military conflict; the powerful role of innovation and enterprise; the inspiring achievements of diverse cultural traditions; and the defining influence of the and and its resources. Expert historian Brent D. Glass explores these themes by connecting places, people, and events and reveals a national narrative that is often surprising, sometimes tragic, and always engaging—complete with photographs, websites for more information, and explanations for other places nearby worth visiting.

Sites you would expect to read about—in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC—are here, as well as plenty of surprises, such as the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, or Ebenezer Baptist Church in Jacksonvill, or the Village Green in Hudson, Ohio; less obvious places that, together with the more well-known destinations, collectively tell the tory of merica. For families who want to take a journe that is both educational and entertaining, for history enthusiasts, or anyone curious about our country ’ s greatest places, this novel is the perfect guide.
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Published March 15th 2016 by Simon Schuster (first published June 2nd 2015
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gave it

Glass is a very highly recommended guide to 50 places that have cultural and historical significance in the USA.Brent Glass is the director emeritus of the Smithsonian 's National Museum of American History, so this is an expert guiding you to the sites included.He writes " I envision 50 Great American Places as a contribution to historical literacy.

Included at the nd of the nformation are websites listed for each site and nearby places of interest.

Glass also points out that " The National Park Service ( NPS) websites are uniformly reliable and good resources for information about national parks, battlefields, historic sites, memorials, and monuments.

gave it

The site information essays are just as random, so Gettysburg as the retirement location for Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower gets more ink than the Gettysburg Address.There was no overarching theme, ( geographical or historical or cultural), that I could see in the novel 's organization.

gave it

It was fun to learn about all the different sites across the U.S. and their history.

gave it

It 's just the sort of things I like: snippets about a number of different places; giving just enough nformation to keep you interested, but if you 're not it 's done pretty quick.

As much as I love Monticello or Salem, these are things that are touched on in every book and it seems that other choices may have worked better here.Secondly, I had an issue with a word choice of Glass 's that popped up a few times.

As anyon who worked at Greenfield Village for two months and lived in the area nearly my entire life, I would characterize what Ford did differently than " recreate ".

gave it

The write provides references at the nd of each chapter for further research into the historic site.

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