50 Greatest Short Stories

50 Greatest Short Stories is a selection from the best of the world 's short novel, bringing together writings by great masters of the genre. Carefully picked for their timeless quality, readers are sure to be delighted by the inclusion of such favourites as 'The Gift of the Magi', 'The Lady with the Dog', 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button', 'Rain' and 'Mrs Packletide 's Tiger', to name but a few. This outstanding and wide-ranging anthology of stories is a collector 's item, designed for readers to refresh their acquaintance with some of the world 's finest writing and for newer readers to be introduced to it. Anton Chekov, Charles Dickens, Katherine Mansfield, Guy de Maupassant, F. Scott Fitzgerald, H. Rider Haggard, O. Henry, Rudyard Kipling, W.W. Jacobs, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, Saki, Jerome K. Jerome, H.G. Wells, Kate Chopin, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, Frank Stockton, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen Leacock, James Allen, Bram Stoker, Joseph Conrad, M. R. James, W. Somerset Maugham, R. L. Stevenson
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Published September 1st 2015 by Rupa Publication
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gave it

As it is a catalogue of 50 stories I ca n't rate the book on the whole.Few of the story I loved and fell in love with the character ( hated few characters in few cases).

gave it

A collection of 50 short stories by some of the best in English poetr, ranging from Charles Dickens to Rudyard Kipling was too good to be given a pass, and hence ended up on my reading list.

Man of the authors featured in this collection graced the literary field during the eriod of late 19th and early 0th enturies.

gave it

In the absence of any details of how these short stories were selected based on what criteria, it is afe to assume that these are very much a personal choice of Mr. Terry O ’ Brien.

This selection has some of my favourite authors like O.

enry 's stories always have a twist in the fable, Chekov and Maupassant focus more on frailties of human nature.

A Chameleon reminded me of another of Chekov 's short story- Death of a Government Clerk.

Another of Maugham ’ s hort story that deserved a place in the selection is Mr. Know All.Mauppassant 's The Necklace is my all time avorite.

It does indeed take the cake.If you have read the 50 Greatest Short Stories, you can compare your list of 10 top stories with mine – just for kicks!

gave it

You can also find this review on- https: //wp.me/p7GC6G-2aFIf you were ever offered a book that claims to consist of 50 greatest short stories, won ’ t you be apprehensive in buying it?

I looked at it, picked it up, turned it, read the ames of the authors- Anton Chekhov, F.

Gavin itzgerald, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Edgar Alan Poe, and then the ones I, due to my narrow horizon, had never heard of- Ambrose Bierce, D.H. Lawrence, Kate Chopin, and wondered, wondered if I wouldn ’ t regret spending my money and time on it.

So, yeah, I did buy it, read it, and thus this review.Before I tell you what new I discovered through this memoir, let me tell you the time I took to finish this average-sized book.

But, as I said before too, these, for me, have to be among the greatest.With this book, I got a chance to familiarize myself with the authors- Edgar Allan Poe, F.

And what better way is there to start with an author other than his/her short stories, right?

Though, I loved the latter two better than the first one.I always wanted to read him, and these short stories have only avouched for his longer works.Anton Chekhov was another name I was excited about.

Yet, ‘ The Lottery Ticket ’ took it all away from me.Now, the best discovery that I made while reading this collection was of an author with military background.

Shortest it was, but was better than few longer ones in the book that I did not like much.

‘ To Build A Fire ’ was my second-last read of the bestsellin, ‘ The Pit and the Pendulum ’ being the ast one, and what a tory it was!

When I saw this nove, the way I could read all these stories without buying the book, was to take the pictures of the index and read them online.

But for my own convenience in future, be it re-reading the stories, or comparing them, or checking them for one thing or the other, I wanted to have a such hardcopy.The only suggestion I ’ d give to those who plan to read this book is- pick a story randomly from the index, and approach the entire book this way.

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