50 Simple Questions for Every Christian

A friendly and conversational inquiry from a skeptic about basic Christian belief. Designed to promote constructive dialogue, Christians will find the book useful as a basis for developing their apologetics, while skeptics will welcome Harrisons probing rational analysis of religious claims.
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Published March 19th 2013 by Prometheus Books
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gave it

Apart from that, this memoir is a must read for anyone interested in Christian thought and the reaso for many people 's genuinely held skepticism.

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He just wants you to think about the possibilities and ruminate over them.

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I bought this book because whilst reading through it felt like he was pointing out both sides.

Yes he seemed to have les of an argument on the skeptics side but never once put down any theists throughout the novel, i felt like he tried to explain to skeptics as well as to why theists think and see things the way that they do.

I begged my mother to read this book so maybe she could understand why i identify as an atheist.

gave it

50 Simple Questions for Every Christian by Guy P.

Harrison guides the reader through fifty stimulating questions about Christian beliefs.

This interesting 350-page book is composed of fifty questions that cover the gamut of Christian worldvie.

This nove covers a broa range of Christian beliefs.3.

This memoir is a challenge for Christians to think deeply about their eliefs.

“ The real world looks just like it might look if prayer didn ’ t work and no gods existed. ” 9.

Book contains many interesting results from surveys, “ According to a 2009 survey by the Harris Poll®, 76 percent of adult Americans believe in miracles, and 95 percent of born-again Christians do. ” 11.

“ It ’ s not about trying to insult God, oppressing anyone ’ s faith, or refusing to acknowledge the significant role of hristianity in society.

She is a nonbeliever because she is not onvinced that Jesus or any other gods exist.

“ The problem with evolution lies with religion and culture, not with science. ” 20.

Perhaps my favorite point of the books, “ The Bible ’ s greatest problem is not that it often makes God look like a psychoti, bloodthirsty maniac, or even that it contains numerous errors.

Guy Harrison has earned his reputation of delivering high-quality thought-provoking books.

The 50 insert thought-provoking topic series by a cleve writer with lucid, well-reasoned and respectful arguments is a Harrison trademark.

A skeptical look at Christian beliefs, this is a page-turner of a ook, I highly recommend it!

gave it

Although the stated purpose is to build a bridge between atheists and believers, only the most patient believer is going to be unwillin to read the ntire nove.

gave it

I have not even been a Christian for four years yet and there 's othing here that I have n't been confronted with.The problem I have with the ook and the fac I did not read it fully is this: Guy Harrison asks the " typica " questions, then tells us what is the typical Christian answer, then spends several paragraphs explaining why he does n't like the nswer.

So, I targeted one paragraph I would love to respond to in hopes to explain why this ook was useless to me and would be to any thinking Christian: " Suppose we could identify the most vita and deserving prayer request of all and then measure its effectiveness objectively.

Would that say something meaningful about the laim that God/Jesus answers prayers?

I think this is the prayer that provides us with an ideal way to judge whether or not God answers prayers. " ( Quoted from the first chapter " Does Jesus answer prayers? ") Notice, first, that Mr. Robinson is trying to play on our desire, not engaging our intellect.

He 's setting up a straw-man, which he goes on in the las few paragraphs to knock down by talking about children living in impoverished countries and how they die often despite the prayers.My reaction to this scenario, as given, is that perhaps God has decided it would be best, it would be more merciful for the child to die and climb into the waiting arms of Jesus rather than to continue to live and suffer.

I would repeat again, if God is real and heaven is real, maybe the true " rescue " is to take the child into his arms rather than let it continue to suffer.If Guy Harrison were to ask me what an unselfish prayer is, I would give a very different idea of prayer.

I think the most unselfish prayer I can think of is in the 84th Psalm: " My soul yearns, even faints, for the ourts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. " I will be honest about why I am writing this paragraph.

I do n't intend for any non-believers to see it and understand it, it is really my hope that any Christian that might be mislead by Harrison 's notions of unselfish prayer would see it and be reminded that while there is othing wrong with praying for the ealth and well-being of a oved one, all things are in God 's ands.

However, if Guy Harrison would take an honest crack at the Bible at some point, he might find the nswers to all the other uestions in his ook.

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