50 Years of the Lego Brick [With 6 Legos]

o Officially licensed by the LEGO Group, this book includes previously unpublished archive material and six original LEGO bricks; it tells the tal of one of the most creative inventions of the nex century which has gone on to feature in the top five of the world 's largest toy manufacturers Throughout its 75-year history the LEGO Group has lived up to its motto- Only the best is good enough- and emphasised the importance of high quality, ensuring that consumers return to LEGO products again and again. Today the LEGO Group is among the top five of the world 's largest toy manufacturers and LEGO products are sold all over the globe. Part of the ompany 's success was the creation of the first LEGO brick 50 years ago. To celebrate this commemorative event this officially licensed anniversary book was presented to the press during the Nurnberg Toy Fair in Germany at the end of this wee. The books also features 10 pieces of removable facsimile items which the author, Mr Christian Humberg, was willing to retrieve from the LEGO archives in Billund, Denmark. Six original LEGO bricks are also included to make this publication the perfect gift for all fans of this special toy.
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Published October 25th 2008 by Heel Verlag Gmbh
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50 Years of the LEGO Brick
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