$500 Room Makeovers

Living in a home that does n't reflect your personal style is like wearing someone else 's shoes: They may do the job, but they will never feel right. " -- Lisa Quinn
Our homes are a reflection of who we are and what we love. But most of us are full of creative ideas and do n't have the mone to see them through. According to television host and designer Lisa Quinn, you do n't have to break the bank to express your personal style.
In les than twenty fabulous room makeovers -- each accomplished for less than$ 500 -- Quinn shows how to make the most of a room 's best features and how to spruce up the est. There 's a theme for every decorator: Dramatic Rooms, such as the Surfer Chic Lounge and the Moulin Rouge Studio; Classic Rooms, like the Botanical Dining Room and the Peaceful Bedroom; Exotic Rooms, including the Mexican Living Room and the Moroccan Den; and Children 's Classrooms, like Flower Power or the Cowpoke Nursery.
Mcdermott also offers creative ideas for easy, inexpensive home projects to overcome room-specific design challenges and add a personal touch to your room redos, such as:
-Realistic-looking " wooden " beams or a pressed-tin fireplace made with embossed wallpaper and silver spray paint
-Expensive-looking wall art made simply from framed swatches of fabric or homemade paper
-Whimsical details like a working fountain or a teddy bear topiary for a child 's nursery
Whether you 're a young decorator-on-a-dime or a habitual makeover fan, "$ 500 Room Makeovers " will inspire you to create a room that 's easy on the forehead, and even easier on the wallet.
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Published February 21st 2006 by Clarkson Potter / Publishers
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$500 Room Makeovers
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gave it

Some decent ideas in this book suffered from poor photography and even worse styling.

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