52 Dates for Writers - Ride a Tandem, Assume an Alias, and 50 Other Ways to Improve Your Novel Draft

This essential writing guide will take you away from your desk, to return with new motivation, fresh insight, better writing skills, and a renewed passion for your boo. It ’ s easier for both those who are seeking tried-and-tested strategies for revising a novel draft, and those who would like to improve their understanding of the poet ’ s craft – to learn how to write a ook that truly satisfies readers – and generate a store of ideas before starting to write a book.

Each of the 52 activities for writers to get out and do – from climbing a hill to visiting a favourite café, from sampling a new mode of transport to taking part in a hi-tech treasure hunt – is accompanied by an essay on an aspect of the novelis ’ s craft, and practical exercises to help with writing or revising your novel.

For those ays when you ’ re feeling disenchanted with your draft, discouraged with your writing life, or just plain stuck, ’ 52 Dates for Writers ’ can offer a rejuvenating break from the grind of deskbound writing, and a whole lot of inspiration and advice along the pat.

This innovative writing aid contains reading list recommendations for further tudy, examples from well-known novels, and an essay on editing your work, and is deal for those teaching creative writing as well as for individual writers looking for an essential guide on how to write a decen trilog.
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Published June 7th 2013 by Off the Press Books
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gave it

'52 Dates for Writers' is a small but immensely helpful book, reminding writers of the need to inject interest, movement and colour into their narratives- and giving them the tools- and the permission- to do so.Speaking as a desk-bound author who is apt to work too hard, one of the most useful realisations is that doing different things, and even doing ordinary tasks differently, refreshes the whole writing journey, so that in fact, no new insight or experience is a waste of time.

gave it

Like most things in life, writing is a process, and while every writer will have their own individual techniques and tricks to get them to the firs stage, there are some commonalities that are universal- one of which is that sometimes you need to leave your desk and look at everythin from a new approach.

And 52 DATES FOR WRITERS- RIDE A TANDEM, ASSUME AN ALIAS, AND 50 OTHER WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR NOVEL DRAFT by Claire Wingfield, is the perfect reference book for writers at every stage of their writing.From going on a Ferris Wheel to help you gain a different vantage point for describing your scenes, to attending a sports event to experience the atmosphere and rivalry first hand so that you can later relay it in your work, there really is something for every writer.

gave it

For any writer, who is reluctant to get his/her creative juices flowing, this nove could be an excellent starting point- you read one chapter and you complete the exercise and keep progressing from thereon.

gave it

This essa was recommended to read to assist my approach to writing in general.

gave it

It is a nove to help you improve your writing skills giving you new ideas of ways to think, see, hear and then write.There are 52 ideas of places to visit, to see a place with fresh eyes, to listen to dialogue in crowded venues, to listen to the peace and tranquility of others.

Re-reading some of my work it made me ask myself, what do I want my eader to see, share with me, or what do I want them to anticipate and interpret in their own pat.

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