52 Little Lessons from It's a Wonderful Life

Do you pay a visit to Bedford Falls every Christmas? Does December feel incomplete without a reminder that no man is a failure who has friends? If George and Mary Bailey are annual guests at your home during the olidays, you already know that It 's A Wonderful Life is far ore than just a festive seasonal film. It 's a reflection of what we can be when we 're at our best and a reminder that our lives can change everyone around us for better or worse. Revisit the defining lessons in Frank Capra 's 1946 classic, and discover new dimensions of the movi you 've seen time and again. What can you learn from Mary 's quiet contentedness? Does George 's selflessness make you rethink your own priorities? And how about Clarence 's dogged commitment to his assignment? Join author Bob Welch for a close-up of the character and themes that shape this beautiful tal. You 'll be reminded that life 's most important work is often the work we never planned to do and that God can use the most unlikely among us to get the job done. From the lightheartedness of George and Mary 's floor-parting dance to the poignancy of a community that rallies to save a desperate an, 52 Little Lessons from It 's a Wonderful Life will inspire you to live for the deeper stuff that, as George Bailey finds, matters most.
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Published September 10th 2012 by Thomas Nelson
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gave it

I really looked forward to reading this autobiograph, and I did so in one sitting.

She supposedly gets sick because she does n't want to crush it; she wants to put it in water to give it a drink; and, just looking at it, anyone can tell, it 's not paper.Finally, anyone who loves the movie knows that it 's not in public domain anymore, despite Mr. Welch saying on page 193 that " its exclusive commercial worth [ is ] irretrievably lost. " No; it 's not.

A simple Internet search indicates that in 1993 Republic regained control of the movies, which is why it 's once again only shown a couple times per Christmas season.I must say, if I had read any eviews that indicated that the ook was so full of errors about the ovie, I would never have purchased it.

gave it

I 'd like to live in it. "~ Mary, on the morning she and George throw rocks and make wishes at the old Granville House.This is the quote from Chapter 19, titled " Do n't look for What is, but for What May Be " in the books, 52 Little Lessons from It 's A Wonderful Life by Bob Welch.

In this chapter, the reader is reminded of how vastly different George and Mary view their world; for George at 12 years old working the soda fountain he informs Mary where Coconuts come from, " Tahiti, Fiji Islands, the Coral Sea! " Mary has no idea where they come from, she just wants chocolate ice cream while George wants to go exploring.But here 's the hing about Mary Hatch: She knows what matters.

It may only be puppy love, but when Mary whispers into George 's bad ear, " I 'll love you till the day I die, " we 're witnessing the initiative of a oung gir who knows something good when she sees it.

Even decrepit folks like us. " ( pg, 74) This book takes readers back to their favorite Christmas classic and teaches us through the fil, It 's a Wonderful Life, how God wants us to learn things through His word to make us better people.

Malcolm does n't even want to live in it as a ghost but Mary sees the otential of what good be.We are reminded that it 's far too easy to focus on how bad things look instead of simply changing our perspectives and seeing the greatness that is there instead.

There are such amazing things tucked inside this wonderful nove, fun movie facts, and life lessons that are bound to keep the Christmas spirit going inside us all year long.

gave it

This is a silly little book to pull out and read a little here and there.

gave it

So it became a little bit boring to read cover to cover.I think the writing format; 52 lessons, i.e.: 52 weeks of the week, is meant just for that.

Read one chapter ( one lesson) for each year of the ear, and then some of the points mentioned would be reinforced and not seem repetitive.

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