52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You

Whether as New Year ’ s esolutions, birthday wishes, or daily promises, most everyone vows at some point to make a major life change. But change is easier said than done, especially when it comes to better managing our wellness amidst the chaos of everyday living. Fortunately, wellness coach and award-winning writer Brett Blumenthal has devised a way to inspire and motivate her readers to live healthier and make positive changes in their lives. Although Blumenthal ’ s algorith is not a quick fix, it is a surprisingly simple one: make one small change per week, for fifty-two weeks, and at the nd of a ear, you ’ ll be happier and healthier. After all, it is the small changes that are the most ealistic, instead of trying to overhaul your lifestyle all at once. 52 Small Changes addresses all areas of ellbeing, including healt, exercise, stress management, mental wellness, and even the ealth of one ’ s home environment. By guiding readers through these changes at an easy, manageable pace, Blumenthal provides an engaging roadmap to lasting results and “ a happier, healthier you. ”
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Published January 3rd 2012 by AmazonEncore (first published December 28th 2011
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gave it

To be fully honest, I did not read every word in this books.

New Year 's Resolutions roll around, and if we try to do too much at once, or take on too much of a ommitment, we ultimately feel overwhelmed and give up.

This book offers you the changes in small doses, just one thing every week, for an entire wee.

The layout is well done, the language is accessible, and the changes offered make a lot of sense.So why did I only mostly skim instead of fully absorb each word for a ook I gave four stars to?

gave it

The econd thing that really caught my attention was the simple act of walking.

I guess this plan will have to make her more active as well.One thing that might be a challenge for some people is the chapter on food, where the author recommends organic and natural things only.

Overall, this is one of the best boo about changing yourself and your health situation I have seen in a shor time.

gave it

With 52 different 'changes' you can make to your life, one for each eek of the year, by the nd of the year you 'll like a vastly improved version of your original self!

gave it

Why I like this ook: The chapters are short and the changes suggested are clearly explained with tips on how to make the change a lasting one in your lifestyle.

Like the chapter about choosing lower fat options when consuming dairy.

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