6 Fantasy Stories

Welcome to six of the most mazing fantasy stories you 'll ever read. This volume includes five full-length fantasy e-book stories plus an exclusive bonus short story for one low price. The lineup includes the following fantastic tales:

" Forced Retirement ": What if Alzheimer 's struck the World 's Mightiest Hero? His daughter, heroic Hericane, finds out the hard way. Gripped by dementia, godlike Epitome tears apart a city, and no one can stop him. Will his madness destroy the entire world? Not if Hericane recruits the one big gun who stands a chance in Hell of stopping her father in his tracks.

" Blazing Bodices ": Hardcore adventurer Sir Algernon Hogshead takes down badass steampunks in Victorian London. But the case of a lifetime might just ruin his winning streak and his life. When his wife starts keeping mysterious secrets and bad company, Sir Hogshead craves a peek behind the velvet curtain. But he ca n't possibly break through the world of women ... or can he?

" Fear of Rain ": Thanks to the sorcerous Mr. Flood, Johnstown, Pennsylvania has drowned three times ... and the ourth time will be the charm. By the time he gets done flooding Johnstown, the tow will vanish beneath the waves forever ... unless his flood-making apprentice, Dee, has something to say about it.

" The Genie 's Secret ": A sexy genie held captive by a brutal master has no choice: she must obey his twisted wishes at all osts. When a federal agent with a flair for the supernatural comes to the rescue, the genie must obey her master 's orders to capture and torture him. But the agent knows the genie 's deepest secret, a passion so powerful it could free her forever from servitude.

" Rose Head ": In a world where everything has a flower for a ead, who can stop the serial killer called the Pruner? Enter Inspector Glisten, a hard-boiled, two-fisted, rose-headed cop who 'll stop at anythin to cut down the Pruner. But when the trail leads to a seedy underworld he never imagined, Glisten gets in way over his rose-head.

" The Duck Lover ": In this special bonus story, which you wo n't find anywhere else, a duck fights to save the woma she loves from the heartless woman who uses and abuses him. Will his broken heart drive him to destruction, or will the ducks' ultimate secret lead to his salvation in the most mazing journey of all time?
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Published November 9th 2010 by Pie Press
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gave it

Fantastic collection of truly memorable, interesting, and well written short stories.Honestly, this guy has a fantastic imagination, and I am grateful the author shared his mind candy with us.

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