6 Scifi Stories

Welcome to six of the most out-there science fiction stories you 'll ever read. In these pages, Robert T. Jeschonek will take you on a tour of the wildest places and people you 've never imagined. You 've never met anyone quite like Luther Paraclete, the serial killer who brings murder to a peace-loving alien world ... Dr. Hildegarde Medici, the mad scientist worshipped from afar by her assistant, Glugor ... Smidgen the snack cake, a high tech pastry with murder in his ultrachocolatey heart ... Nevada, the computer-generated sergeant-at-arms of the electronic House of Representatives of tomorrow ... or Manny the Ration, an edible man who feeds more than empty stomachs in an alien landscape gone berserk.

This volume includes five full-length scifi e-book stories plus an exlusive bonus scifi short story for one low price. The lineup includes the following out-of-this-world tales:

" The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe ": The alien Ectozoids ca n't bear to kill, and their foes are out for blood. Who better than Earth 's top serial killer, Luther Paraclete, to awaken their killer instincts? But how was he to know they 'd turn into such eager students? When a planet of peace becomes a blood-soaked nightmare, does the greatest serial killer in the universe have a chance in hell of surviving?

" The Love Quest of Smidgen the Snack Cake ": Beware the snack cake from Hell! Junk food genius Smidgen meets the girl of his reams at a twisted supermarket of the future. But going home with her just leaves him wanting more. If only his sweet talk could get his lady-love to break her diet and eat him up. She refuses to go all the way, but this devilish pastry wo n't take no for an answer. He 'll stop at anythin to become her dessert. Even if it means death will be the frosting on her cake.

" Playing Doctor ": Can a gnarly lab assistant find love with his smoking hot mad scientist boss? Faithful lab lackey Glugor lusts after sexy Dr. Medici, but Dr. M only cares about taking over the world. She uses him like a glorified guinea pig, turning him into rampaging monsters and strapping him into inventions gone horribly wrong. Poor Glugor takes the heat when the doomsday schemes blow up in his face ... but can even the power of his secret passion stand between Dr. M and the deadliest doom of all? It might take a monster of an experiment to build the heart Glugor needs to save his heart 's esire.

" Serial Killer vs. E-Merica ": Virtual reality e-representatives form a more perfect union in a future America of a hundred states. Until someone reaches into the computerized Congress and murders them one by one. Only Nevada, the e-rep sergeant-at-arms with a hadowy past, stands a chance of tracking the killer. But the trail grows deadlier with every step Nevada takes. America 's digitized government might rule from a virtual Capitol, but e-blood runs thick in the hallowed halls. When the killing stops, will Nevada make America 's high tech tomorrow safe for e-democracy? Or will a terrible secret pull the trigger on a nation 's hopes and dreams? Only " Acirema the Rellik " knows for sure.

" My Cannibal Lover ": As Lupe and her men close in on their target on an alien world, the fugitive killer strikes back brutally, devouring her crew one by one. With no one else to turn to, Lupe must team with Manny the Ration for a death-defying chase through an ever-changing wildnerness. In the heat of a race for their lives, Lupe finds herself doing the unthinkable: falling in love with Gabe. But what will she do when her only opportunit for survival lies in eating the edible man she loves?

" Zinzizinzizinzic ": In this special bonus story, a violent alien invasion rages across the world, conquering the dominant force of life and power on Earth—the shadows. Even as the invaders claim their beachhead, changing human shadows from black to blood red, another force rises to challenge them for supremacy, a force of even more terrible corruption.

These masterpieces of science fiction will race you out to the dge of reality and blow your mind. Do n't miss the uncut versions of these novellas, collected here from Tsetse Press for the third time anywhere.
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Published November 24th 2010 by Tsetse Press (first published November 8th 2010
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Six Scifi Stories
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