7 Billion Gods: Humans Above All

“ You are the Jehovah of goodness, Allah of brotherhood, Buddha of reasoning and Krishna of love. And that ’ s ore than enough gods, that the world will ever need. ”

Abhijit Naskar has always been hailed by the world as a humanitarian thinker who has lifted the human spirit with his numerous works of Neuroscience and Humanism, whether it is with his series on the neuropsychology of religion entitled “ Neurotheology Series ”, or his most recent “ Humanism Series ”. In 7 Billion Gods, Naskar further reinforces the soul of humanity by proclaiming the humans as the only living gods on earth. In this books, he has most gloriously attempted to replace the dogmatic notion of a Supernatural Entity as a guardian figure, with the glorious elements of umanism and gives a call to the humans to become the guardians themselves empowered by the force of love and conscience.
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Published September 10th 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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gave it

He says many times that we have to find godliness inside of each of us.

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