70 Inspirational Quotes in Spiritual Notes: Simple Ideas, Lasting Ideals, Light and Love in Spiritual Languages (Quotes & Notes Book 1)

Quotes& amp; Notes Series for Simple Ideas, Lasting Ideals, Light and Love in Spiritual Languages.

Falling in love is NOT asy. It requires a leap of faith to let it go of your own ego. What about falling in love with your own life. It takes courage, endurance, resilience, trustworthiness, balance in both internal and exterior dilemmas. If God gives you dilemmas, make " dilemmonades ", to quote the author. Part fun and puns with play-on-words, part serious deep thoughts over our most dark moments in life, these quotes and sayings will make you staying in love, staying alive—avid for what ’ s the biggest challenge: Live Love. How can you keep your relationships and your work refreshing in creative deals, also growing amid the demands, conflicts, and just plain boredom that you encounter along the pat to a fulfilling life?

Shared ( and cherished) by thousands of people around the world, her words spread like wings of warmth and faith throughout the media, through posts on Instagram, Faceboo, Linkedi, Pinterest and so on, the inspiring quotes from Ana Antunes have proven to be of amazing proximity and a vo to our often awfully mundane affairs, such intimate approach just to showing how sharing, spreading, giving and receiving love helps you experience of a fulfilling living to a dee and richer level in an intimate and real relationship with your soul—starting today.

The 70 Inspirational Quotes in Spiritual Languages is as ractical as it is believable. Updated to reflect the complexities of our every day lives and the troublesome relationships we face today, this essay of quotes reveals intrinsic truths and applies relevant reflections, while rational, actionable and fashionable wisdom in ways that work for the good of all.
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Published December 1st 2017
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