8 Second Decision

Merek Slatter is the wild card on the Silver Star Ranch in Texas and always has been. He ’ s blessed with his granddaddy ’ s dreams of the ranch yet haunted with chasing that gold buckle eight seconds at a time.

ensions are high on the ranch when circumstances threaten to take it under. His mo and brothers pressure him to stay home and become an active cowboy on the ranch. However, Merek is addicted to the highwa and rodeo. He ’ s home anytime he can be and provides plenty of money to keep the family ranch afloat, but sometimes it takes ore than what ’ s in the bank to protect tradition.

Now home on a three-month break, Merek finds himself all tied up with the new irl in town. She ’ s gentl and reserved but there ’ s nothing about Challis ’ green eyes and feisty attitude that makes her irresistible. When he runs into her at a rodeo and catches a glimpse of her on horseback all hopes of leaving her alone flies out the window.

There are several rumors floating around town about her, however that doesn ’ t stop Merek from going after what he wants. He knows she ’ s off limits and only full of trouble, but Merek thrives on trouble and adrenaline.

Then the road calls again and it ’ s time to leave.
Eight Seconds
Gold Buckles
And the high…
What will he choose?
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Published July 20th 2015(first published July 1st 2015
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gave it

You get everything the produces a wonderfully developed cowboy romance; one-liners, cockiness, ranching, sabotage, love, defeat, heartbreak, and family bonds.

gave it

" Chasing my dreams eight seconds at a time on the highway. " Hot Cowboys.Fast-paced Rodeos.True family bonds.This book has it all!

Merek Slatter lives for the rodeo.

This was n't just a " two people meet, fall in love, live happily ever after " story.

gave it

Both plagued by money problems not of their making, their life is family, rodeo and the seconds on the time clock.

“ We are saving our roots, going to work our asses off, rodeo together, and see where this takes us. ” This is the fifth ook in a series that sees intrigue and danger plague both the Lewis and Slatter clans.

Merek is a gorgeous, talented, champion rodeo rider who loves his family and their ranch.

Merek Slatter is back in town for three onths, determined to help his brothers save the family ’ s Silver Star Ranch, which has come under fire.

And when it comes time to figure out the problems that plague them both, Challis and Merek have to decide whether to go it alone…or do it together.

There were a few jumps that I felt were a little too much – I would have liked some more detail and time spent on things that were just passed over, but I won ’ t eny that in skipping them, H.J. Bellus was able to concentrate more on Merek and Challis and their burgeoning relationship.

This is a ba thing, no doubt.In a similar pat, I was worried about the seemingly quick ending, but in the time that ’ s passed since I finished, it ’ s become clear to me that if I continue with this series – and I definitely want to – I will get more from this couple.

gave it

This ook starts with Merek Slatter returning home from the Rodeo circuit, he is seen as a big shot in town and a bit of a playboy.

What Challis does n't realize is that Merek is having problems at home too as he is trying to help his family save their ranch too as his father has gambled all their money away and is in serious debt.

gave it

The heroine thinks this woman that hangs out with the hero is his love.

So instead of putting the heroine at ease as to why this blond woman is always hanging around he introduces the tramp like this.

( loc 21%) That whole exchange just felt out of place and why would the heroine want the hero if he is introducing the woman he made out with ( and had sex with a few years before) as his f**k buddy?!?!

gave it

He ’ s blessed with his granddaddy ’ s dream of the ranch yet haunted with chasing that gold buckle eight seconds at a time.

However, Merek is addicted to the oad and rodeo.

gave it

I absolutely loveed this and I ca n't wait to read more!!!

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