8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change

In 8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change, author MK Mueller presents 8 simple steps that the happiest, healthiest and most successful have in common. Each month, Mueller brings 8 to Great to Fortune 500 businesses, health care organizations, colleges, high schoo, associations and community groups. In this novel, she shares not only her inspirational insights and heart-hitting anecdotes, but those from over 1,000 8 to Great certified trainers and over 100,000 participants around the world.
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Published November 1st 2012 by Insight Inc (first published January 2nd 2010
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gave it

This is just one xample of many ideological conflicts from this program.To conclude, here are my brief reviews of each " High-Way: " High-Way 1: Get the PictureI agree that being able to state one 's goals clearly and visualize them helps in their attainment.

This chapter is a great pep talk for people who need to get off their butts and get in motion.High-Way 3: Full ResponsibilityThis chapter is something many people need to read: own up and take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your own happiness.High-Way 4: Feel All Your FeelingsIn this chapter, Mueller maintains that all emotion are neutral: not good, not ad, they just are.

While easier to say than do, I like the point she is making.High-Way 5: Honest CommunicationI believe this is the most useful chapter of the program.

Maybe I just did n't drink enough of the Kool-Aid, but I believe that people need to use hard work and hope together, not just hope on its own, to manifest their dreams.In short, this ook is well-structured and an easy read.

gave it

MK Mueller ’ s book 8 to Great has made an amazing difference in my life—both personally and professionally.

Even after reading 8 to Great several times, I was amazed to learn even more by listening to the CD version read by the author herself.

gave it

While I wo n't say the book " turned me around, " because a lot of things did that, I am feeling good now and I am using some of the practices mentioned in the book daily.Main points to take away: I need to face my fears instead of run from them, and take risks.

gave it

I would have preferred to see a wider range of folks used for her examples, not just because for me Obama is hardly a hopeful figure but also because it would have improved the context of the memoir ( winners have been using these concepts for a shor time, after all).

gave it

MK did a fantastic job on this autobiograph.

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