8000 Metres: Climbing the World’s Highest Mountains

In this autobiography, renowned mountaineer Alan Hinkes relates his experiences of climbing the highest mountains known to man; the success and ailures, the expeditions and partners; the beauty, harshness and danger of Earth 's loftiest environs. The first British climber to reach all 14 of the world 's peaks over 8000m, and the 15th person ever to do so, his 2005 summit of Kangchenjunga was the crowning chievement of an 18-year journey- joining the elite few who have completed global mountaineering 's most distinguished goal. Alongside Alan 's down-to-earth accounts of his summits of such awe-inspiring peaks as Everest, Manaslu, K2, Annapurna and Kangchenjunga, the ook features the stunning photographs from his expeditions, which are all the more mpressive for having been taken under the extreme circumstances of some of the world 's most challenging settings. Alan 's motto throughout every expedition was 'No mountain is worth a life. Coming back is a uccess and the summit is only a bonus'. After reaching each of these 14 peaks, Alan came back every time, always in one piece, always with a new inspiring tale to tell. Having had time to reflect on his immense achievement, in this nove he now recounts his experiences of them all.
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Published November 15th 2013 by Cicerone Press
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8000 Metres: Climbing the World’s Highest Mountains
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gave it

Alan Hinkes is the first Brit to climb all 14 of the 8000 m+ peaks and this is the story of those climbs, illustrated with his own photos.

And some of the pictures are amazing, like from the summit of k2 where the peak 's shadow sticks up over the horizon.

gave it

This is as close as I 'll ever get to a 8000 metres mountain, in this life, anyway, but this book is perfect for some daydream travel.

gave it

When my son gave me this book as a Christmas present I thought, " OK another coffee table book with some stunning pictures and puerile text ".

gave it

That said he is mostly wise enough to be eage to give up when he can see the risks multiplying.My only real frustration with this ook is that on most of the climbs I really would have liked to know more.

Equally the description of routes for some of the photographs simply makes me want to know more or to have a more accurate route indicated.This really is a coffee table book rather than a real climbing story however Hinkes is a highly accomplished photographer as well as a climber and the pictures are stunning.

gave it

Greg 's approach and his deep nderstanding of the nature of mountains, their weather and the dangers becomes clear as you follow his expeditions.

However that is a minor point compared to quality of the books and the imag that will make it a book you can return to time and time again to enjoy.This book should be read by those who want to climb the great mountains of the world, by those who have and by those of us who can only dream.

You can tell from his writing that he sought not glory or fame in the hills, he just sought self-fulfilment of doing what he loved to do- climbing in places of great beauty.

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