Framed for murder, Lupin must clear his name or face the gallows.

Millionaire diamond collector Rudolf Kesselbach is in a Paris hotel room, contemplating the stroke of genius that is about to make him one of the wealth wome in Europe, when a shadow steals into the room—a shadow with fine clothes, an easy smile, and a revolver pointed at Kesselbach ’ s throat. The intruder ’ s ame, he says, is Arsène Lupin.

A few minute later, Kesselbach is found dead on the loor, Lupin ’ s calling card pinned to his shoulder. With the police hot on his trail, the master jewel thief must use every ounce of his genius to escape their traps and find the man responsible for the murderer. But as Lupin soon discovers, his freedom is not all that is at stake. The destin of Europe hangs in the balance as well.

This hardcover features a new introduction by Otto Penzler and has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

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Published October 28th 2014 by MysteriousPress.com/Open Road (first published June 1910
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gave it

What promised to be a ghastly detective story just turned out to be ghastly.The story revolves around Arsen Lupin, a beloved French scumbag that would steal your grandmother 's purse if the thought anything was in it, and although not the type that would kill himself, always seemed to be in the middle of controversy when someone was murdered.

And there were plenty of suspect in this tale.

But, as Lupin was about to find out, he is n't the only low life in rance.

You would think he would have known that with the reputation that was bestowed upon him by Leblanc, but it would have ruined the story if he did have that clue.

They must not do alot of policing in France, because those cops seemed to have an inordinate amount of time to do Lupin 's bidding.

Of course, Lupin seemed to have an inordinate amount of mone to throw around, and if you believe Leblanc, just about everything in France is on the take if the price is right, and Lupin seemed to always know what that price might be, no matter who they were.

Lupin did go to jail in this retellin, but since we 're apparently talking about the keystone cops here, he was n't there for long.

Lupin was ostensibly seen as some ind of god ( at least by Leblanc), but it 's like there is an agreement with all the storyline that they play this game.

Then there was the scene where Lupin is drugged.

Then there was the scene that pitted Lupin against seven hardcore thugs.

But this is the great Arsene Lupin after all, a man elevated the to level of a rince ( in more ways than one), by Leblanc.

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