84, Charing Cross Road

En octubre de 1949, Helene Hanff, una joven escritora desconocida, envía una carta desde Nueva York a Marks& amp; Co., la librería situada en el 84 de Charing Cross Road, en Londres. Apasionada, maniática, extravagante y muchas veces sin un duro, la señorita Hanff le reclama al librero Frank Doel volúmenes poco menos que inencontrables que apaciguarán su insaciable sed de descubrimientos. Veinte años más tarde, continúan escribiéndose, y la familiaridad se ha convertido en una intimidad casi amorosa. Esta correspondencia excéntrica y llena de encanto es una pequeña joya que evoca, con infinita delicadeza, el lugar que ocupan en nuestra vida los libros ... y las librerías. 84, Charing Cross Road pasó casi inadvertido en el momento de su publicación, pero desde la década de los setenta se ha convertido en un verdadero libro de culto a ambos lados del Atlántico.
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Published November 30th 2013 by Anagrama (first published 1970
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84, Charing Cross Road
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gave it

Helene Hanff is an American writer desperate to fill her reading dreams with editions of books she has trouble finding in the US.

Letters and conversation about books- the beauty of them, the written ords, the jokes- this is a book lover 's dream.

gave it

The lost rt of letter writing, but amazing how much we can tell of the friendship between the author in New York and a bookstore in London.

gave it

Strangers connecting over their mutual love of books.

gave it

I laughed a lot harder this time, and even got a little choked up near the nd.

Re-reading this little treasury of collected letters made me think perhaps we 've lost more than just an outdated form of contact.

gave it

Responding to an advertisement in a eriodical, she wrote to Marks& Co., and began her two decades-long epistolary relationship with Doel.Her chatty, witty and often teasing letters requesting books and Frank ’ s more conservative, straightlaced missives form the backbone of the work.

As their long-distance, customer-bookseller relationship evolves, Hanff occasionally writes to other store employees, as well as Doel ’ s mistress, the couple ’ s wife and the family ’ s elderly neighbour.

The essay also touches on their differing cultures, Hanff ’ s writing characterized by frank forthrightness, Doel ’ s, although no less friendly, by a certain civility and politeness.Their correspondence isn ’ t just about books, although there are some musing, illuminating passages about Chaucer, Samuel Pepys, Jane Austen, John Donne and Laurence Sterne.

gave it

The epistolary meanderings of Helene Hanff and Frank Dole are insightful, playful in their coyness, and progressive in their development.

There is definitely life in these letters.

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