84 Charing Cross Road / The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street

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This editions contains both 84 Charling Cross Road& amp; The Duk of Bloomsbury Street

84, Charing Cross Road is a charming record of bibliophilia, cultural ifference, and imaginative sympathy. For 20 years, an outspoken New York autho and a rather more restrained London bookseller carried on an increasingly touching correspondence. In her first letter to Marks& amp; Co., Helene Hanff encloses a wish list, but warns, " The phrase 'antiquarian booksellers' scares me somewhat, as I equate 'antique' with expensive. " Thirty days later, on October 25, 1949, a correspondent identified only as FPD let Hanff know that works by Hazlitt and Robert Louis Stevenson would be coming under separate cover. When they arrive, Hanff is ecstatic -- but unsure she 'll ever conquer " bilingual arithmetic. " By early December 1949, Hanff is suddenly worried that the six-pound ham she 's sent off to augment British rations will arrive in a kosher office. But only when FPD turns out to have an actual name, Frank Doel, does the real fun begin.

Two decades later, Hanff is outraged that Marks& amp; Co. has dared to send an abridged Pepys diary. " i enclose two limp singles, i will make do with this thing till you find me a real Pepys. THEN i will rip up this ersatz book, page by page, AND WRAP THINGS IN IT. " Nonetheless, her postscript asks whether they want fresh or powdered eggs for Christmas. Soon they 're sharing news of Frank 's family and Hanff 's career.

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Published March 1st 1992 by Futura (first published 1976
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gave it

The econd part, The uchess of Bloomsbury Street, is the aftermath of the letters being published in a ook and Helene Hanff ’ s reception in London, which was every bit as excellen as the secon part, to me.These two sections – this book – had it all from my perspective: humour, sensitivity, books, London, human connections.

gave it

This is the nove I was reading ( for the tenth time) 20+ years ago in the story Kitri wrote about me on her GoodReads page.

gave it

Made me think that it 's uch a feelin that people do n't write letters more often and prompted me to pen one myself after I finished my reading! I believe that nyone who possesses an affinity for used books and/or has studied/read " older " or " classic " lit ( including Donne and Austen and John Henry Newman -- some of my favourite) would find 84, Charing Cross Road a real gem.

gave it

I first read 84 Charing Cross Road and its sequels, The Duke of Bloomsbury, some years ago.

84 Charing Cross Road, as man are probably aware of by now, is a volume of correspondence written between New York resident Helene Hanff and Marks& Co., antiquarian booksellers ( now, alas, closed) on Charing Cross Road, London.

The letters span a twenty year period, which is incredible in itself if one thinks about it.The Duchess of Bloomsbury is written in diary format, and closely follows the daily write-up of what Hanff did whilst in London on a book tour to celebrate the success ( and British publication) of 84 Charing Cross Road.

The Princess of Bloomsbury is a wonderfu piece of travel literature, and a wonderful sequel.It must be said ( and probably goes without saying, if you are at all familiar with her character) that I adore how sassy Hanff is, and how wonderfully creative her responses are.

gave it

To have bought this in a second hand bookshop with the bookseller saying that I would definitely love this and I should watch the film after is rather telling.

gave it

With the letter was a list of books that she had been willing to source in New York, saying that she would be reluctant to pay up to$ 5 each for them.The manager of the warehouse, Frank Doel, dealt with her order sending her some of the book on her list, and formally replying to her letter.

Being American she was not used to the formality either, asking, I hope ‘ madam ’ doesn ’ t mean over there what it means over here ... After World War II when Britain was still in the grip of austerity and rationing, and having heard about this she generously sent the staff of Marks& Co a hamper, which included a large ham.

Slowly the formality was dropped, and Franke would address her as Helene; other members of staff would write to her, and even his wife, Nora.Sadly she was not intended to visit Marks& Co and see the sights of London whilst the letters were winging their way back and forwards over the tlantic, and at the nd of the Sixties she received news that Doel had passed away.

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