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Published July 1st 2010 by BASCOM Hill Publishing Group
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gave it

Seamus exists on the fringe of his family, his school, his eligion, and he never really feels as if he belongs or is wanted or loved by someon.

On the 85-A bus, Seamus finds himself intensely drawn to Colby, a young Punk who boards the bus with several friends.

The write does a delightful job of making this fantasy painfully real in Seamus ’ mind and heart though it has no existence in real life.Though I wanted to wash his mouth out with soap before the beginnin of the nex chapter, I cared about Seamus and hoped everything would turn out well for him in the nd, though I expected that the world would, indeed, break his young, Irish heart.

I don ’ t want to put spoilers here so that ’ s as much as I will say about the story except to add that near the end something happens that had me in tears of grief and anger.I had two minor quibbles when I reached the end.

One is that the daughter, brothers, and school officials—basically everyone in Seamus ’ world except for Tressa—is a one-dimensional stereotype: completely homophobic, hateful, and merciless.

In short, I did not like Dr. Strykeroth.I thought Seamus and Tressa were wonderful characters and I hope the author follows Seamus into a sequel.Anyone looking for an intelligent, well-written novel about a young rebel with a dream in a threatening world should read this.

gave it

Lia wants to be an artist, wants to be a omebody, and reams of escaping to London as soon as he gets out of his private prep school that he ca n't pay attention to.

This essa is all about the events to Seamus getting out, not how the escape itself works out ...

gave it

Throughout this day his life changes direction, but before all that happens there are many flashbacks.

gave it

The ity of Detroi, at the height of its segregation, features as almost a character in and of itself.

gave it

But, y ’ know, the world is a pretty big place and I suspect there are a lot more colors in the rainbow flag than just shocking pink.And that ’ s where 85A, Kyle Thomas Smith ’ s strang novel with its irrepressible protagonist Seamus O ’ Neal, comes in.This is a whirlwind of a novel about a disaffected young punk riding the bus one wintry day in Chicago ruminating on his miserable existence and making big plans for his future.

His nly two social contacts are his best friend Tressa, a tough and sexy bi-racial girl equally at home listening to Mozart or Social Distortion and his " therapist " Dr. Strykeroth a creepy middle aged man with whom he maintains a rather disturbing relationship.While it would be asy to compare this to Catcher in the Rye, because certainly there are imilarities in structure and tone, Seamus is very different than Holden Caulfied in that his problems are more serious than merely a fear of growing up.

And while those problems cover the typical catalogue of woes that plague teens in every other LGBT coming of age tory- homophobic bullies, unsympathetic teachers and religious zealot parents, the character himself is totally unique.The language is gritty and realistic.

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