9 Lessons in Brexit


“ emember the words of Ivan Rogers the next time you hear some plausible posh boy in a suit telling you ‘ no deal ’ wouldn ’ t worr at all and might even be a jolly good thing. ” J.K. Rowling

Two and a half years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, the political debate over Brexit seems as intense and as complicated as ever. Who and what can we trust? And how on earth do we make sense of it all?

Ivan Rogers, the UK ’ s former ambassador to the EU, is uniquely placed to tell some home truths about the ailure of the British political class and the flaws, dishonesty and confusion inherent in the UK ’ s perspective to Brexit so far.

In this hort, elegant essay, Rogers draws up nine lessons that we, as a soon-to-be ‘ third country ’, need to learn from the last ew months, if the next ew years – indeed the next decade – are not to be even more painful.

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Published February 7th 2019 by Short Books
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gave it

However, I was hoping to find much clearer, evidence-based analyses of the key concern of the Brexit argument.

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Their success will be measured by the degree of being perceived by the est of the world as one ( as it is for instance the case with the United States).

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In other wor, once the momentous or inglorious ( as may be appropriate) decision has been made to exit the European Union, you can not ” from just outside the fence, achieve all the benefits you got when just inside it. ” Britain also needs to be prepared for the act that the oncept of a ‘ frictionless trade ’ would be nothing other than a pipe dream, once it moves outside both the Customs Union and the Single Market.LESSON 2: SOVEREIGNTY IS NOT AN EXCLUSIVE ENGLISH PRESERVE The European Union would not bend over backwards to either accommodate or accord privileges to a departing United Kingdom.

And now even “ No deal+ ”, which also makes appearances as “ Managed no deal ” and “ No deal minideals ” .LESSON 8: TRANSPARENCY MY FRIEND, TRANSPARENCY Mr Rogers informs his readers that till now, the United Kingdom has been totally nontransparent in all its negotiations with the European Union.

Possessing a direct and inextricable linkage with the 8th lesson, this principle argues for ‘ real honesty with the public. ’ This according to Mr. Rogers “ is the best – the only – policy if we are to get to the other ide of Brexit with a healthy democracy, a reasonably unified country and a strong economy. ” One can not but unequivocally concur with this proposal.By the time the lights at the Oita Stadium were switched off, England had handed The Wallabies a convincing, and surprising thumping, winning the game 40-16, and in the process, guaranteeing themselves a berth in the Semi Finals.

At least now, we fervently hope that all the parties involved pay heed to the invaluable and precocious lessons handed out by Mr. Rogers that will culminate in a Brexit that is in the general interests of not just the United Kingdom, but also the European Union and global trade relationships.

gave it

Going global ought to mean seeking global markets for goods and services- an exercise in mutual benefit not an exercise of one system ’ s power over another.

Is being a member of a large power/trading block a good thing when Trump is beginning to target these with punitive tariffs?

Are there any benefits to being small? The EU has free trade agreements with pitifully few large countries apart from Japan ( it ’ s 36 deals include minnows like Guernsey, Jersey and the EU ’ s overseas territories).

I see things from a business and market point of view and fully accept this imposes viewpoint biases.

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