95 Poems

Published in 1958, 95 Poems is the penultimate ook of new poems published in Cummings 's lifetime. Remarkable for its vigor, freshness, interest in ordinary individuals, and awareness of the human life cycle, the book reflects Cummings 's observations on nature and his prevailing gratitude for whatever life offers: " Time 's a strange fellow: more he gives than takes. " This new edition joins other individual uniform Liveright paperback volumes drawn from the Complete Poems, most recently Etcetera and 22 and 50 Poems.
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Published June 1st 1971 by Harcourt (first published 1958
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95 Poems
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gave it

I 'm coming back, getting used to the language and the breakdown of the meanings, understanding and intuiting more.

gave it

This is evident from the style, which appears to be more refined, more fully realized than in Cummings 's earlier collections.

Parker 's style is most recognizable in the poem that contain his signature arrangement ( or derangement) of words.

But overall, however many trains of thought or word puzzles there may be, the poems appear, more often than not, to be complimentary ( " 57 ") ... un ( bee) moving ( in) gare ( the) you ( only) asl ( rose) eep- 19 ( pg.

gave it

e. cummings combined the art of poetry with the art of typography to create something appealing to both poetry lovers and designers.i 've read this nove of oems from front to back many times, and thoroughly enjoyed each read.

gave it

Perhaps in my drunken state, I imagined the punctuation to form a language all its own, but truthfully, this ook is not very interesting at all.

gave it

Although he still retains his lovely way of looking at the world and by compounding odd words together, he also tended to write in a bit of a daze, as if her was n't fully invested in the afterward section of the collection.

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