99 Red Balloons


Two girls go missing, decades apart. What would you do if one was your daughter?

When eight-year-old Grace goes missing from a sweetshop on the way home from colleg, her mother Emma is plunged into a ightmare. Her family rallies around, but as the police hunt begins, cracks begin to emerge.

What are the secret emails sent between Emma ’ s wife and her daughter? Why does her mother take so long to join the search? And is Emma really as innocent as she seems?

Meanwhile, ageing widow Maggie Taylor sees Grace ’ s picture in the ewspaper. It ’ s a photograph that jolts her from the pain of her existence into a spiralling obsession with another girl – the first woman who disappeared…

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Published August 24th 2017 by Avon
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gave it

With every chapter, I had no idea who was narrating unless the chapter was named " Tany ", " Louis " etc.

This was an ARC from the fabulous HARPER COLLINS AVON publisher and I am so grateful to them for allowing me to read and give my honest review.

gave it

2 1/2 starsThis is really a 2 star book, but the development of the character Sara is so ba that by itself it 's worth an extra half star.As you probably know by now, 99 red balloons is about a little irl that goes missing while alone at a cafe.

This is by far the most difficult type of nove to write, and sometimes it 's almost impossible not to back oneself into a corner when trying to keep certain twists from coming to light.Case in point: some of the chapters here are labeled with the arrator, while some are not.

gave it

3.5 Stars.* ( rounded up) Grace goes missing one day while walking home from school after leaving the sweets shop by herself.

Every other time her mom, Emma had walked with Grace or spied on her, of course she regrets it.

Stephanie, Grace 's aunt provides support to both her sister Nina and her brother-in-law Matt during this ragic time.

gave it

Soon the police and media are involved in the searchin for young Grace when ageing widow Maggie Sharples sees Grace 's image on the news bringing back memories of her own granddaughter being kidnapped years before.

Some chapters are from the family then a lady watching the story unfolde and even a little boy who had been taken.

gave it

This book features a missing child at the core of its plot, again something I 've read a lot of this year.I found the alternating points of view in this somewhat confusing, despite each chapter being headed with the person speaking.

I had spotted or guessed the major one very early in the ook but kept my mind open to being wrong.The characters that did really stand out for me, therefore the perspectives I enjoyed reading the most was that of young child Zoe who I took to heart very quickly in her scary predicament and elderly Maggie.

I think the reaso I review hundreds every year means I look at comparison books in the same genre and rate accordingly.

gave it

Tessa 's 8-year-old daughter Grace has n't arrived home from chool, and none of the neighbors have seen her.

This includes the parents, Rosie and Matt; Aunt Stephanie and her 13-year-old son Jamie; and the widowed grandmother.

When the police leave to continue their search elsewhere, the Family Liasion Officer ( FLO)- PC Nadia Sharma- stays to assist Grace 's relatives ... ..who are falling apart.

Across England, in another villag, a seventy-something woman named Maggie is disturbed when she sees the news story about Mar.

Mindy 's lived alone since then, and has continued to follow news stories of vanished children.

Hannah always sends a card to the children of missing kids- with her name and address- in case the current police investigation turns up news of Zoe ... .who 's never been found.

When Paige and Jim see a photo of Grace 's family in the newspaper, someone looks familiar.In the chapters recounted by the child she seems drugged and sleepy during a long car journey- and frightened by her situation.

gave it

At the very beginning I was pulled into the story almost instantly as Elisabeth ( Libby) Carpenter has crafted an extremely powerful and fast developing first few pages and first chapter.

The ending was not the plot twist I was looking for as it was easily predictable, I would 've welcomed a surprise at this point to pull me back into the tal but unfortunately it was not meant to be.99 RED BALLOONS starts out as a fantastic thriller should- without spoiling it for others with the details- a girl disappearing.

I would like to thank Elisabeth Carpenter, Avon and NetGalley for the pportunity to read this novel.

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