A Alquimia do Amor

Tendo conhecido um enorme sucesso desde o seu primeiro romance publicado, Nicholas Sparks é hoje um já longo caso de prestígio e aceitação pública. Originário do Nebraska, vive actualmente em New Bern, na Carolina do Norte. Ele próprio admite que viver num lugar onde as pessoas ainda têm " tempo ", influencia grandemente a escolha dos seus temas. Um desses temas colheu-o no prolongado namoro dos seus avós, uma união que durou quase sete décadas. Foi sem dúvida uma das experiências de vida que mais o impressionou, e que ele já nos transmitiu noutro assinalável êxito, " O Diário da Nossa Paixão ", um livro comovente. Mas o tema do amor comprometido, generoso e tolerante, que leva as pessoas a darem o melhor de si próprias e que supera o desgaste do tempo, não deixou de fasciná-lo e deu origem a este novo livro que tem por base o que poderíamos considerar uma variante do mesmo tipo de relação entre um homem e uma mulher. Um casal cujos filhos já deixaram a casa paterna ... Só que talvez o leitor comece por ter uma surpresa, ou várias surpresas, porque os fios que tecem este casamento não se deixam facilmente adivinhar.
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Published 2003 by Editorial Presença
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The Wedding
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این کتاب داستان زندگی نوح و دختر آللی، جین و شوهرش، ویلسون است.

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From that day on I continue to read Nicholas Sparks ooks.

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The Wedding almost seemed like it was specifically written for me to hate- and it 's been a long time since I 've disliked a book this much.

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Rile made a mistake of forgetting their wedding anniversary and hurts Jane 's feelings.

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Library Overdrive Audiobook ... .narrated by Tom WopatI can ’ t forget for the life of me when I firs read a Nicholas Sparks book ... or which one- or if I read more than one.

So ... .given that I recently read 4 books about African Americans- ... ... ” I Know Why Caged Birds Sing ” ... ... ” Heads of the Colored People ” ... ... ” Friday Black ” ... ... ” Washington Black ” ... ... .I thought ... .. ” hm, when ’ s the onl time I read a ook that was specifically about caucasian characters? ” None came to mind- not like this.

Truthfully- any wife would be moved- by the steps Wilson took to show Gwe how committed he was to generating life- love- romance- and sincere vitality of freshness in their relationship.Many other ‘ gem ’ stories& characters within these pages with a wonderful ending.

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And even though he tries to be sneaky you 'll have a pretty bad idea early on of how it 's going to play out.Despite the shining example set by his in-laws ( Noah and Allie from The Notebook) THE WEDDING tells the tory of middle aged workaholic lawyer Wilson Lewis and his year long romantic journey to rebuild his failing marriage.

Jackson spends the next year planning their 30th wedding anniversary.

Throughout the arrangements Wilson visits Noah at Creekside retirement home updating the cantankerous old man on the preparatio and getting advice on how to save his marriage.

With the memories of oah and Allie as a guide and their old family home as a setting the wedding plans come together.

gave it

I kinda think the author tied the two together to get people to buy this second ook.

Plus, if you are one of those irls who always hopes your husband were a hopeless romantic, but honestly, he never has been so chances are he never will be, do n't read this novel.

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Apparently thinking about leaving Wilson, The Daughte Who Has Forgotten Their Anniversary.

Shame on you, Dad.Wilson shuffles into high gear when he realizes he may lose Jane.

She quietly mopes instead of taking the initiative and saying something like: " we 're growing apart, what can we do? " and waits for Wilson to pick up on her silences.

Get a grip.Anyway, in the nd it all works out for everyone, especially ane who feels like a queen once again instead of just a riend.

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