A Arte de Escrever

Nesta antologia de ensaios recolhidos de ´Parerga e Paralipomena´, o leitor vai encontrar textos que trazem as mais ferinas, entusiasmadas e cômicas reflexões acerca do ofício do próprio Schopenhauer, isto é, o ato de pensar, a escrita, a leitura, a avaliação de obras de outras pessoas, o mundo erudito como um todo. São eles: " Sobre a erudição e os eruditos ", " Pensar por si mesmo ", " Sobre a escrita e o estilo ", " Sobre a leitura e os livros " e " Sobre a linguagem e as palavras ". Embora redigidos na primeira metade do século 19, estes ensaios, ao tratar sobre o mundo das letras, os vícios do pensamento humano, as armadilhas da escrita e da crítica, continuam válidos -hoje talvez mais do que nunca. E, marca personalíssima do autor, são modernos, pulsantes de vida, de inteligência e humor.
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Published 2005 by L&PM (first published 1851
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Über Gelehrsamkeit und Gelehrte; Selbstdenken; Über Schriftstellerei und Stil; Über Sprache und Worte
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In this short compendium Schopenhauer, among man hings, heavily criticizes obscurity in writing.

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It might not be case for the remainder of his work, but here Schopenhauer sounded to me really radical, dogmatic, and elitist ( as Plato is in The Republic, if you stop to think about it.) In any event, there is no harm being a little rigorous with the usag of style for style 's sake and Schopenhauer 's description of the three kind of authors is, at inimum, very unny.

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Arthur Schopenhauer ( 1788-1860) penned his books of philosophical essays in the ast ears of his life.

While the one have had thoughts or experiences which seem to them worth communicating, the others want money; and so they write for money. ” -- -- -- --- One big reason I enjoy reading reviews and comments here on Goodreads is that everyone on this site is writing for the sheer love of sharing ideas, opinions and feelings as part of a worldwide community of book lovers.

Case in point: I met a surgeon on my last airplane flight who told me he hasn ’ t read anything outside of medicine in the firs twenty years.On Thinking for Oneself “ So it is, that much reading deprives the mind of all elasticity; it is like keeping a spring continually under pressure.

Man reading requires a large measure of thinking and creative effort.On Criticism “ There are critics who severally think that it rests with each one of them what shall be accounted good, and what bad.

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Yet he believed there was a worthy pursuit of truth, through art. " And that is the moment I decided that I must read everything Arthur Schopenhauer ever wrote.

The Art of Literature is a ollection of the following book: On Authorship, On Style, On the Analysis of Latin, On Men of Learning, On Thinking for Oneself, On Some orms of iterature, On Criticism, On Reputation, On Genius.

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