A Baby's Cry

What could cause a mother to believe that giving away her newborn baby is her only option? Cathy Glass is about to find out. From the writer of Damaged comes a harrowing and moving emoir about tiny Harrison, left in Cathy 's care, and the potentially fatal family secret of his beginnings. When Susan is first asked to foster one-day old Harrison her only concern is if she will remember how to look after a baby. But upon collecting Harrison from the ospital, Cathy realizes she has more to worry than she thought when she discovers that his background is shrouded in secrecy. She is n't told why Harrison is in foster care and his social worker says only a few are aware of his very existence, and if his whereabouts became known his life, and that of his arents, could be in anger. Cathy tries to put her worries aside as she looks after Harrison, a beautiful baby, who is alert and engaging. Cathy and her children quickly bond with Harrison although they know that, inevitably, he will eventually be adopted. But when a woman Cathy does n't know starts appearing in the street outside her house acting suspiciously, Cathy fears for her own family 's safety and demands some answers from Harrison 's social worker. The social worker tells Cathy a little but what she says is very disturbing. How is this woman connected to Jackso and can she answer the questio that will affect Harrison 's whole life?
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Published 2012 by HarperElement
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A Baby's Cry
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gave it

D: That said, I do n't read Cathy Glass for brilliant prose or sparkling turns of phrase.

I have a little brother around the same age as Harrison was when he left the family, so it is very difficul for me to imagine Cathy 's pain.Overall, whilst this is n't Cathy Glass 's best book, it 's still worth a read.

gave it

Unfortunately the horrifying reasons why this loving mother was forced to give up her child to save its life and her own are still all to real today for many me.

gave it

Blah, blah, blah ...

gave it

I think that this is a very memorable story of a father 's love and the perception of culture.

gave it

I quite enjoyed this nove but it was so ridiculously detailed at times ....

I opened another drawer and took out the cutlery set, I put them in a ag, I put the bags at the bottom of the stairwel, I picked up a coat.

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