A Bad Case

What links Clorinda to the mysterious whereabouts of her new friend Theresa, in broad daylight, on the street of New York? What is the true friendshi between high-born, nine-year-old Elise von Alpenberg and her sinister guardian, Kepler von Thul? Why does young Marthe 's uneasy interview with the notorious spy, Anthony Blunt, stir up suspicions of complicity against her boss, the Establishment socialite Barbara? And who is the " true " Fourth Man? And what connects Barbara to Constance Bryde, an unfaithful wife enmeshed in the cat-and-mouse surveillance operations of a divorce solicitor 's enquiry agent? Or how will jilted mistress, Rhona, deliver a long-overdue comeuppance to her Significant Other, the supercilious on-screen Talking Head? And who, you may well wonder, is the next doomed subject of portraitist Deverell-Hewells 's murderous thoughts? And, finally, can Nina discreetly maintain the facade that hides the eternal triangle of her complicated lovelife? These questions and more are answered in Eisner 's third series of mordant case histories intimately documenting bizarre dramas triggered by the subclinical dependencies of disturbed minds.
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Published January 21st 2015 by Salt Publishing
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A Bad Case
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