A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue: Helping Kids Learn the Difference Between Tattling and Telling

( Grades K-5) No one likes Josh the Tattler because he tattles way too much. He tattles on his friend, his rother, and even his dog! But one night he wakes up to find his tongue is very long, yellow, and covered in bright purple spots. Will a bad case of Tattle Tongue help him learn the difference between tattling and telling? This book gives teachers and counselors a humorous, cleverly creative way to address the time-consuming tattling-related issues that often sap classroom energy and thwart teaching opportunities. Softcover, 32 pages.
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Published June 1st 2006 by National Center for Youth Issues (first published December 1st 2005
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A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue
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gave it

Nathan loves to tattle but it was hurting him so he had to fix it.

gave it

1) This ook is all about understanding the differences between unnecessary tattling and the impossibility of warning others about important matters.

gave it

You can easily create a lesson on tattling in comparison to telling to go along with this tory.

For the information on the anchor chart, I would have them turn and talk with their partner to discuss what a " tattling " situation entails in comparison to a " tel " situation.

gave it

Although it may have been a dream, this is n't explicitly said and the notio is that his teacher sneaks into his roo at night and 'helps' him.

Its not a great message to give children that they ca n't trust their parents but they can trust someone who sneaks into their bedroom at night.

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