A Bag of Marbles

In 1941 in occupied Paris, brothers Maurice and Joseph play a last game of marbles before running home to their daughter 's barbershop. This is the day that will change their lives forever. With the German occupation threatening their family 's safety, the girl' parents decide Maurice and Joseph must disguise themselves and flee to their older brothers in the free zone. Surviving the long journey will take every scrap of ingenuity and courage they can muster. If they hope to elude the Nazis, they must never, under any circumstances, admit to being Jewish.

The boys travel by train, ferry, and on foot, facing threats from strangers and receiving help from unexpected quarters. Along the way they must adapt to the nfamiliar world beyond their city and find a ay to be true to themselves even as they conceal their identities.
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Published August 1st 2013 by Graphic Universe (Tm) (first published January 23rd 2013
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Un sac de billes, T1 & T2
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gave it

In 1941, in Paris, Provenc, Joesph and Maurice one day comes home bloodied from a fight and their father tells them that it 's time for them to leave Paris and flee to where their older brothers live, in Italy because the German occupation is threatening the safety of their family.

I feel bad judging a book that was based on someone 's actual life, but there were moments that if he were to tell me this face-to-face, then I would n't believe it.

gave it

Year ago I read the original Sac des billes and enjoyed it so I was curious to see how it had been translated and adapted as a children 's graphic novel.

gave it

I really liked this boo, adapted by Kris in 2011 from the 1973 memoir by Joffo and translated by Edward Gauvin about Joffo 's Jewish family 's migratio from Paris as Nazi occupation made it increasingly dangerous to be there.

I have read a LOT of Holocaust novels and biographie, so have a endency to be a little jaded at this point, but I was pretty completely captivated by this story and the coo and inviting watercolor illustrations.

gave it

The adapter chooses moments which show rather than tell the tory, and youthful vocabulary is translated well.Although this may not attract kids who are not already interested in tories of Europe during World War II, anyone would be wise to pick it up.

gave it

Secondly, just as with Little White Duck, the visual format enables both graphic novels and memoirs to find a new audience.

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