A Ballad for Georg Henig

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Published June 1st 1990 by Peter Owen Publishers (first published September 15th 1987
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Балада за Георг Хених
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gave it

I think you need to come from a Bulgaria or Eastern-Europe to really appreciate it.

I think as a tal about ownership, responsibility and defying from Eastern-Europe writer we from the west-culture may not full appreciate it.

gave it

The gir and his parent become the only frien of this elderly master violin-maker, Georg Henig, who is just waiting to die.

gave it

A true gem of not just Bulgarian literature.

gave it

A small but rich story of a riendship between a young gir and an elderly craftsmen in poverty stricken town of Sofia.

gave it

The reader is imagining more about what is happening in the relationships between his parents, for xample, or the extraordinary goings on the the neighbourhood, than the narrator can understand, but it was pitched perfectly to be totally credible.The story was an examination of what it means to live a ood life and what legacy one might leave behind.

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