A Bargain for Frances

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Published February 18th 2003 by HarperCollins (first published 1970
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A Bargain for Frances
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gave it

If you have a aughter of granddaughter, or even a female child you can regularly borrow, I thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend the Frances the Badger series to you.

gave it

But looks can be deceiving! We have all had, at one time or another, had to deal with difficult and userous persons whose mendacity and opportunism leaves us out-of-water, bewildered by the changing dynamics of what was ostensibly a mutually-beneficial social engagement, but has somehow turned into a one-way relationship.In this, the Hobans prepare the reader for the political intrigue, unfair dealing, and manipulation of our baser instincts by others for their own gain.

We learn this from Frances' POV, when se sees Thelma buying the blue tea set with Frances' money.But instead, Frances turns the ables on Thelma ( I wo n't spoil the book by revealing exactly how) and, in a magnanimous gesture, asserts that friendship is more significan than the complicated games that must needs result when there is a lack of trust.Less subtle readers might object to the introduction of a new haracter, Gloria, into the story at the eleventh hour, but it 's this very mechanism by which the fecundity of friendship and its bility to transcend the individual and the love to an ever broadening circle of friends helps to hammer the theme home, but also to bridge this narrative to the last.

We see Frances, Thelma, and Gloria participating in purchases and consumption together, as well as engaging in acts purely for their own pleasure.And there, the Hobans leave it, as if a question unasked: What do you prefer?

gave it

Quite a lot when one of those friends ends up being a bit conniving and untruthful, when there is money and much longed-for tea sets involved in a trade cemented with that very firm, fast rule " no backsies. " I LOVED this book when I was little.

gave it

Early reader, series: I Can Read.Description: Frances' friend, Katherine, tricks Frances into buying her subpar tea set.

In the beginnin, Frances gets the tea set she wants and helps Thelma become a better friend.Review: In Bargain for Frances, Hoban has developed a very compelling, kid-like world using the limited vocabulary of an early reader.

Kids who are almost ready for chapter books will enjoy Frances' adventures in dealing with Thelma, going to the store by herself and skipping rope.

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