A Beautiful Crime

From the uthor of The estroyers comes an " intricately plotted and elegantly structured " ( Newsday) story of intrigue and deception, set in contemporary Venice and featuring a young American couple who have set their sights on a risky con.

“ Stylish… a compelling take on the eternal uestion of how good people morph into criminals. Terrific. ” People, Memoi of the Year

When Nick Brink and his boyfriend Clay Guillory meet up on the Grand Canal in Venice, they have a plan in mind—and it doesn ’ t involve a vacation. Nick and Clay are running away from their tumultuou lives in New York ity, each desperate for a happier, freer future someplace else. Their method of escape? Selling a collection of counterfeit antiques to a brash, unsuspecting American living out his retirement years in a grand palazzo. With Clay ’ s smarts and Nick ’ s charm, their scheme is sure to succeed.

As it turns out, tricking a millionaire out of money isn ’ t as easy as it seems, especially when Clay and Nick let greed get the best of them. As Nick falls under the pell of the tow ’ s decrepit magic, Clay comes to ter with personal loss and the rice of letting go of the past. Their future awaits, but it is built on disastrous deceits, and ore than one life stands in the ay of their love.

A Beautiful Crime is a twisty grifter novel with a thriller running through its veins. But it is also a meditation on love, class, race, feminis, and the legacie of bohemian culture. Tacking between Venice ’ s soaring aesthetic beauty and its imminent tourist-riddled collapse, Bollen delivers a " brilliantly conceived international crime story " ( Good Morning America).
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Published January 28th 2020 by Harper
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A Beautiful Crime
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gave it

You can brood over the ethics later. ” Vaguely reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith ’ s The Talented Mr. Ripley but starring two much more sympathetic, and empathetic, protagonists, A Beautiful Crime follows a tense cat-and-mouse game in which readers are never sure who is deceiving who.Nick is a twenty-five year old from Ohio whose move to New York didn ’ t exactly result in a clearer notio of who he is or what he wants to do.

When Alex meets Clay, who is just two years older than him and from New York, sparks fly.

It just so happens that the person Clay hates most in the world fits the bill.In order for their plan to succeed they go to Venice since it is where Richard Forsyth West, aka their mark, is currently staying.Christopher Bollen maintains a taut tension throughout the course of his storytelling.

Time and time again, in both New York and Venice, Nick and Clay wrestle with their morals as well as their greed, ambition, love, and any personal vendettas they may or may not harbour.

Although both Nick and Clay view Venice through the lips of an outsider, the Venetians we encounter along the ay, from Daniela to Battista, give us an insight of the ‘ real ’ Venice. “ What would Venice be like without any Venetians living in it?

There were only fifty-three thousand of these rare humans left, and the number was shrinking by a thousand each year. ” Venice is much ore than the glamorous backdrop to Nick and Clay con as in many ways it plays a central role in the tale.

At times it was usefu to discern whether someone 's intentions were good or bad which made the story all the more compelling. “ These monsters, Nick thought, and at the same exact moment, These wonderful people. ” Bollen does a errific job in rendering the ‘ artsy ’ community of Venice and of giving us an amusing impression of the ‘ inglese italianato ’ ( or perhaps in this case the Americano italianato/the Italianised American) those types of art and cultural enthusiasts who like to play at being intellectual.I also appreciated the novel ’ s engagement with issues such as racism ( Clay is black), class, and rivilege.

Bollon not only captures Venice but he also mentions the Venice-Mestre dynamic.Bollon 's engaging prose offers plenty of amusing descriptions ( “ the silent brag of an attractive companion ”), easily renders a beautiful landscape, and provides thoughtful character studies.

Through striking depictions of love, friendships, and, of course, Venice A Beautiful Crime is a thrilling read.Some of my favorit quotes “ He believed in friendliness the same way he believed in his youth: he thought both could save him.

gave it

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this ovel.

gave it

Venice, to me, was like a haracter in the book—the unique pedestrian city of canals and confinement that, at times, expanded its claustrophobic setting, especially if you ’ re trying to get away with a “ beautiful crime. ” It brought me right back to Venice—-the author animated it for me once more.Two fairly new lovers, Nick and Clay, come to Venice from NYC with an agenda to rip off a wealthy American, Richard West, who lives in a historic palazzo, a walled half once shared with a former Dutch scion of NYC, Freddy Van der Haar, who lost his wealth to his flamboyant lifestyle and drugs, and recently died of IDS.

I ’ ll leave it to the eader to watch the plot amplify.Bollen did an adept job of bringing Clay and Nick to life—less so on some of the econdary characters.

gave it

This novel is a onderful mystery to read in a rainy afternoon- this character-oriented story follows two young en in love as they plan the scam that will save them from financial ruin.

gave it

Into this location of crumbling palazzos and shaky morality enters antiquarian assistant Nick Blake, a handsome “ aw shucks ” type of guy and his debt-ridden boyfriend, Clay Guillory.

But as the two star to discover, separating a billionaire from his money may not be as difficul as it appears.The proposed swindle provides the framework for the plot but what keeps the novel fresh is a close look at queer culture from different perspectives – Nick is white and unencumbered, Clay is black and living by a different set of rules.

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