A Beautiful Mess

It 's been said that romance is n't sugary or sickly sweet. It 's a dark tormented fury, the tempest of passion and the greed of an dealism that one struggles to attain.

Pyrokardia 's debut " A Beautiful Mess " paints this quagmire that is motion, its paradoxe and the confusion on the ath to finding love, weaved and warped to depict the obstacles faced when one must express true feelings.
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Published August 28th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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gave it

This is a nove written endlessly about love that is thought provoking and filled with genuine human emotions.

My best poem from this collection is on page 20 of the books.

Pyrokardia is like Tolu Akinyemi ( Author of Your Father Walks Like a Crab and I laugh at these skinny Girls) who gives provoking ideas through inexpensive and easy access to readers.It is a collection that I will read over and over again and perhaps steal words from to write letters to my loved ones.

gave it

“ Today I admit to myself That I do miss you Not what we had But the fantasy Of what I imagined We could have had Causing me throbs From six feet within my heart Where it now lies ” I love the vivid imagery of some of the piec of poetry in ‘ A Beautiful Mess ’.

Whilst I identified with the more dramatic, vivid imagery but believe the shorter, more wistful, pieces could be cut I can respect the obvious ability to write. “ My heart is infested with maggots Wriggling around inside it Making my heart ugly and rotten Slipping out into my stomach Causing me pains Giving me heartache Then you came Bringing sunshine into my heart And they went into molting Curling up in cocoons of change Emerging into something beautiful Giving me butterflies in my throa ” Pyrokardia has an obvious creative spark and a great nderstanding of poetry and that it means to every person as an individual, this comes across in other works e.g.

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