A Beautiful Mess

What happens when you lose everyone that promised they would always be there for you? How can you protect the few pieces of your shattered heart that remain?

Olivia Adler is a gir with a troubled past. After losing her mothe at the young age of six and being raised by an uncle who she lost years later, she refuses to get attached to anyone, including friends. For the past ecade, she has been unable to remain unattached to any an, too worried about losing someone to get too close. Until Alexander Burnham walks into her life one night and changes everything. But he has issues of his own. And he ’ s keeping a secret that could turn Olivia 's world upside-down. Will Olivia let Alexander in enough for him to get close and protect her from a force threatening her very existence, or will she push him away, scared of letting Alexander in, in order to protect her heart?
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Published August 28th 2013 by Tracy Kellam / Cat Head Biscuit, Inc. (first published August 27th 2013
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gave it

His dirty mouth was the one thing about this ook that I enjoyed, but it did n't make up for some of the trange things the characters said at other times.

He 's had a letter for five years that has all the answers to the life, the niverse and everything in it.

This book ends on a major cliffhanger and you get only questions, few answers in this.

gave it

Excellent story, but beware of cliffhanger ending! Olivia meets Alexander when he comes to her rescue late one night, saving her from her ex-boyfriend turned would-be rapist.

He 's spent a lifetime searching for her, unwilling to believe that she really died that night over twenty years ago.The closer Alexander and Olivia seem to get to starting a new life together, the more things from their pasts seem to be working against them.

Olivia seems to be her own worst enemy, running whenever she starts to feel close to Alexander.

gave it

With only a fe of true friends, Olivia finally sets her roots in Boston till one day she stumbles upon Mr. Alexander Burnham.

For twenty-one years, he has never given up on hopes of finding his first love, Olivia Deluca.

For so many decades, Alex thought his Olivia died alongside with her mother in a motorcycl crash but soon he finds his past staring straight back at him.

lex fears if he reveals and tells Olivia of her true identity that she will run away.

Running away is what livia does when she fears of getting her heart broken and disappointment.

As Hannah ’ s fears for Alex grows strong, her hopes and insecurities causes her to do the only things that she knows which is to run away.

This nove had everything that I loved from romance, sexual chemistry, angst, uspense and mysterie.

Ms. Leigh did a rilliant job in portraying Alexander and Olivia.

Ms. Leigh knows how to write a book filled with sexual tension, chemistry, and ngst.

This nove did not disappoint me and I can ’ t get enough of Alexander and Olivia.

gave it

4 A Beautiful Mess StarsI loved the plot, it was romantic and I ’ m a sucker for a damsel in distress storyline, but there were some parts that didn ’ t quiet click for me.SummaryAlex lost his childhood best friend in a motorbik cras.

He later rescues a woman who happens to have the same ame as his childhood friend and as they get to know each other, he comes to terms that she is his best friend.Olivia loses everyone she loves.

She likes Alex, but questions if she could ever get close to him because she is scared of heart break.

Jeff knows about Jenn ’ s past and he refuses to tell her because he thinks he is protecting her by not saying anything.

I think if the storyline was focused more on discovering Olivia ’ s past, than Alex keeping it from Olivia I would have been a happier camper.OverallWith all that said I really did like the tory.

It ’ s the ind of love I LOVE reading in a story.I want to be swept off my feet and feel cherished and Alex makes me feel that.

gave it

He pushed her and made her willin to run, yet at the same time opened her up to the concept of ove.

Georg is a very successful business man who lost someone very special at a young age.

I ca n't help but love this man.

He 's everything you could possibly want in a book boyfriend!!!

SWOON away ladies;) I loved the characters as well as the storyline.

gave it

Unfortunately the main ssue I have is the ale rotagonist, Alexander, seems to have what I can only describe as multiple personality disorder.

Another issue I had was the act that this tory is told in ultiple POV and the change even happened mid paragraph.

gave it

I found myself skimming, at times, and just reading the dialogue to keep a scene going.

I 've never read a ook where the HERO is TSTL.

Completely pointless and, when resolution came, very anti-climactic.• Okay this one may take the cake: Alex bails on Olivia, without explanation of where he ’ s going or why, for the eekend, and ignores her calls.

There were a lot of head-scratching statements or inconsistencies in the ook.

I ’ m not normally a stickler for them, but it made the book ard to follow and many times I was forced to re-read sections to make sure I hadn ’ t misunderstood. “ Did you find them Dad? " Alexander didn ’ t know why he asked his father that.

He could tell by his expression that he hadn ’ t found them or their car. " No. And it looks like they left in a hurry, so something obviously spooked them. " Thomas put the car in reverse and accelerated toward the freeway, not wanting to tell his wif about the blood he saw in the cafeteria.

You arrive, obviously long enough after them, that they ’ re already gone, and you ’ re hopin to catch up to them on the reeway and “ warn ” them about the scene they just left.

You ’ ve lost me. “ Marilyn, Olivia ’ s father, called earlier this morning and left a message on our machine at the house. ” –Alex ’ s wife to Alex This is a lifelong riend of the family.

You ’ re not going to talk about her the way she would be described in a nove or newspaper article to a nine year old oy.

This is the type of dialogue that totally sterilized the book for me. “ Alexander made his way into the large, airy kitchen to make a quick spring salad. ” Because nothing keeps a six foot five badass going like a spring salad.

( hide spoiler) ] Overall, I think where this book failed me was POV, inconsistent dialect, and way too many lame, unnecessarily drawn out plot lines.

That could have made this whole book rather than dragging out things that should have been put to bed a long time ago ( the letter, Olivia being Olibia, Thomas being Uncle Charles, etc.).

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