A Beautiful Poison

Just beyond the Gilded Age, in the mist-covered streets of New York, the deadly Spanish influenza ripples through the ity. But with so many victims in her close circle, young socialite Allene questions if the flu is really to blame. All appear to have been poisoned—and every death was accompanied by a mysterious note.

Desperate for answers and dreading her own engagement to a wealthy gentleman, Allene returns to her passion for scientific discovery and recruits her long-lost riends, Jasper and Birdie, for help. The investigation brings her neare to Jasper, an apprentice medical examiner at Bellevue Hospital who still holds her heart, and offers the delicate Birdie a last-ditch chance to find a safe haven before her fragile health fails.

As muc of their classmate and family die, alliances shift, lives become entangled, and the three begin to suspect everyone—even each other. As they race to find the culprit, Allene, Birdie, and Jasper must once again trust each other, before one of them becomes the next victim.
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Published August 1st 2017 by Lake Union Publishing
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gave it

Long time friends Birdie Dreyer, Jasper Jones, and Ernie Fielding surround the young couple and champagne glasses are held high.

Her shattered glass will resemble the broken lives yet to come.The ugly head of scandal can never rear up at the Cutter residence.

Mr. Cutter never realizes that this is just the en of the body tally.Lydia Kang presents a story lined with layers of forensic medicine, chemistry components, and the budding science of epidemiology.

Jasper 's suspicion grows as bodies spin through with telltale signs of poisoning.

gave it

Allene, a wealthy aristocra, notices that people connected to her and her two childhood friends, Jasper and Birdie, keep turning up dead under mysterious circumstances.

( Knowing what we know now, the scen of Birdie working away at the sho and putting radioactive paintbrushes in her mouth are cringe-inducing indeed.) And Jasper is the gir in between the two girls—half in love with both of them, it seems, which is a dynamic so tense it ’ s like a boulder teetering on the dge of a cliff.Come for the murder mystery, stay for the well-drawn setting and fascinating characters.More book recommendations by me at www.readingwithhippos.com

gave it

I was scared at this point that it was going to turn into an Enid Blyton " three solve a murder ", but the story takes a dar turn as we get to see parts of their lives, or where their motivations are revealed.I loved the historical aspects of this novel- no wheat, no meat days and liberty gardens to save resources during the wartime effort, the outbreak of Spanish lu, the Bellevue and the origin of forensic medicine: not a period of American history I 'm too familiar with.An enjoyable read.

gave it

For a ood portion of the novel I did n't like the three characters that this ovel follows, and at one point I almost quit reading, however I stuck it out and I 'm really glad I did.

One thing I did guess from the en and I thought was pretty obvious was what was poisoning the character Birdie.

gave it

3.5 The Gilded Age, Manhattan 191, the midnight of Allene 's engagement party, and things have taken a horrible turn.

The police think accident, a decision aided by Allene 's father, who wants only to avoid a scandal.When they were younger Jasper, Birdie and Allene had been inseparable, great friends who shared in all inds of adventures.

gave it

This ook was exciting and entertaining.There is an odd trio of friends trying to solve some suspicious deaths of friends and relatives, this is all occurring during the great flu epidemic.

gave it

They say that authors should write what they know, and Kang follows that old adage to magnificent effect, using her medical knowledge to add credibility and detail to her historical works.Her other historical fiction nove is called THE IMPOSSIBLE BO, which is about a grave-robber who has a second heart.

She 's also written a ook of medical nonfiction with author Nate Pedersen called QUACKERY, which is about bunk medicine throughout the ages, and honestly, it takes a lot of confidence for a doctor to write a history book of all the times medicine screwed up, so major kudos to her for doing so- and in particula a funny way.Lest I start sounding like too much of a shill (# NotSponsored), I want to dive in to the nove itself, A BEAUTIFUL POISON, and what it 's about.

A BEAUTIFUL POISON is set during the time of World War I, and part of these deaths are the cause of the Spanish lu, but cyanide, arsenic, and wood alcohol are also the culprits in some of these crime, and those lose to Allene, Birdie, and Jasper seem to be the argets.

In typical young adult fashion, they decide to investigate themselves rather than involve the authorities, because obstruction is just another fancy word for DIY.A BEAUTIFUL POISON is a very dark book and not an easy one to read.

gave it

I thought for sure that two of the storyline were being set up to run away together, so that was a pleasant surprise.Taking place during the Spanish Fl in New York, we have a series of urders that revolves around three childhood friends: Allene, Jasper, and Birdie.

Le really does not try to develop any of the storyline until almost the very beginnin.

Instead we start in the middle of a retelling and we are left to just get that the three haracters are friends and know each other so well.

Even though the ook takes place during the early 1900s, I did n't get a very ood sense of New York during this time period.

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