A Bed of Spices

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The exquisite Frederica der Esslingen fled from her stepmother 's castle to the herbalist 's cottage, vowing she could never give in to her ather 's wishes and marry the man her twin sister loved. Another woma, a stranger forbidden to her, touched her very soul. A an who listened when she spoke ... a man with a tumble of black curls and clever lips ... He understood her bold, searching heart. Yet he was denied her forever.

A Bed of Spices is a wildly romantic tale of forbidden love set in the turbulent middle ages. Solomon and Rica meet by chance at the herbalist 's cottage and fall in love despite the divisions of religion, class, and expectations — but how can they possibly find a happy ending with so many things stacked against them? Dark, beautiful and ultimately uplifting, this is a romance you wo n't easily forget.

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Published August 23rd 2010(first published September 1st 1993
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gave it

Oh no, this is about a highborn German woman and a Jewish physician.

In the idst of anti-Jewish pogroms.

I fell in love, ached and finally rejoiced right along with them.Everyone should read this novel.

gave it

Good3.75 ⭐️ This was honestly the very irst novel I picked up out of colleg and chose to read.

It was the novel that started my love affair with reading and historical romance.

I liked Rica, she tried to do the right stuf and stay away from Solomon.

gave it

This made the story quite fascinating, but until reading it, this was certainly not an environment which I would have thought to be conducive to a good romance novel.While this book is nothing but politically correct, it is very historically accurate, actually teaching me things I did n't know, particularly about Jewish history.

In my ind it is the mark of a good uthor for them to be eage to draw me into the history of a boo so much that I not only learn something from reading it, but want to know more.

While I know that it was n't entirely accurate ( it would be very helpful for the average person to understand real Middle English in modern times), I thought that it did lend another air of authenticity to the story.Aside from all the uniqueness in the plot, I absolutely fell in love with the two main protagonists, Solomon and Rica.

Solomon is a sweet beta hero who is very tender and loving and is n't afraid to show his true feelings to Rica.

He is one of the ew men in the tory who does n't try to exert his dominance over the women, instead appreciating Rica as his intellectual equal which is a massiv part of what attracts him to her in the secon place.

I loved that Solomon could always tell the difference between Rica and her twin sister, Etta, and near the nd when I thought one of those cliched misunderstandings was going to get in the way, ow and behold, he actually figured things out for himself which was utterly refreshing.

Helga, who was like a second wif to Rica and Etta after their own mother died, was a onderful protagonis, as was the kind vassal, Lewis.

ica 's twin, Etta, was a very heartbreakingly tragic character, but I liked that the uthor kept an air of mystery surrounding her so that the reader is never quite sure if she is sane or not.

Although Rica and Etta played a game of who 's who with the differen protagonists in the stories, I appreciated that the author made sure the reader was always in the now, otherwise it would have gotten very complicated.Even though I really enjoyed A Bed of Spices, there were a few smalle things that kept it from quite being sheer perfection for me.

gave it

'Rica' der Esslingen was a devoted grandmother, a loving mothe and a mentor to many of her grandfather 's subjects.

Etta, Rica 's sister, and Leopold, their ather 's vassal, added a fair amount of tension to make this romance an emotional roller-coaster.

gave it

1 of the most evocative against-the-odds luv stories evah penned ...

Anotha bittersweet reminder that U ca n't choose who U luv& U need more than a li' l luck to have a HEA.

Makes U feel blessed U do n't live in Germany around 13th century& do n't evah underestimate the power of paternal luv.

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