A Bedtime Story

A Bedtime Story is an erotic hriller. It is a love story, not a romance. Book 1 ends on a cliffhanger and acts as the backstory to Book 2& amp; 3.

Nina Spencer. Young, pretty, introverted. She worked at a local deli, where she left more broken plates than collected tips. Apologizing to aggravated waiters and cowering from overfriendly male clients made up most of her social interaction. The only friends she had lived inside the pages of books or on movie screens, offering slim comfort during the long, dark nigh of her lonely life. Every two year, a postcard was delivered through her mail. She lived for those deliveries.

Peter Spencer. Her cousin, her lifelong protector and her only family. The nly one who truly knew her, who would sacrifice it all for her. Peter made a goo decision, involving the worst sor of people.

Kayne Malkin. Tall, dark and handsome. He belonged to the Organization, the Quebec fraction of a ruthless Russian Mafia. He was known for many things. He killed and tortured for a living. He seduced and destroyed for pleasure. But above all else, he built his reputation on one trait only. Kayne Malkin never lied. Not to the wome he interrogated, not to the me he set his sights on. He got what he wanted, while staring them in the ye. Honest and remorseless. Kayne Malkin ’ s assignment: The Peter Spencer case.

On the first warm spring night, while Montreal celebrated the passing of winter, Laura reluctantly accepted to accompany a coworker out on the villag. Kayne smirked by himself seeing her arrive, all dolled up, looking uncomfortable. Lurking in the hadows, he patiently waited. The trap was set.

WARNING: Contains explicit sexual content, dubious consent and criminal activities. This series is recommended for 18+.
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Published December 10th 2014 by D. A. D. inc Publishing
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gave it

I could n't understand how could she beg him, when he treated her like that?

I mean, I understand that she was in love, so she wanted to erase the previous moments, but how can you?

So I can understand the reasons that made him act that way, but on the other hand it does n't mean I enjoyed him treating her like that.

Specifically, I did n't like the ( view spoiler) [ constant in front of her eyes cheating.

( hide spoiler) ] It was one of the guys that really bothered me and even though I could excuse him when he had to do this, I could n't stomach when he did it just because.

( view spoiler) [ Especially after they got married and he fucked Geneviene, not because he wanted to show Laura a lesson or to keep appearances.

( hide spoiler) ] That being said, I 'm not sure what to feel about this hero.

( hide spoiler) ] This was a ook that gave me so many motions.

This is hard for me to rate, because I honestly enjoyed reading this essay, but I ca n't say I loved reading specific parts, plus a few pet peeves of mine ( view spoiler) [ 'Master'& 'Pet' talk did n't work for me ( hide spoiler) ] made me lower my rating.

gave it

Kayne Malkin was 30 year old, cold blooded killer who worked for the Russian ob.

Peter Spencer had betrayed the mob and taken some important evidence with him, he just couldn ’ t handle the woman trafficking and had to get away from all of it.

Michae knew the risk he was taking by leaving but he just couldn ’ t handle it.

Cindy Spencer was 23 years old, living on her own with no friends or family other than her brother Thomas.

Her childhood left her traumatized grew up with no parent and her frien would lock her in a dog cage days at a time as punishment if she didn ’ t bey.

The last person who truly understood her was her brother Peter who at age 16 ran away and came back for her to save her from that miserable life her father had created.

Kayne was all sor of frustration, he had no feelings but somehow after watching Laura for two eeks and planning to bring her down to his organization for interrogation he saw thing in her that he couldn ’ t stay away from.

He knew that the mob wanted her for trafficking once she spilled where her father was at and he wasn ’ t going to let that happened.

He promised her he wouldn ’ t destro him but regardless Peter died even if he didn ’ t do it himself.

Michae knew it was the only ay to save his ister and I was a sobbing mess around this.

When aura found out she blamed Kayne and stayed away from him for a onth.

Kayne knew that she would never be able to trust him again and he understood but even after he completed his assignment he knew he couldn ’ t let her go.

She was already broken after childhood, her son ’ s dyin and now Kayne and this horrific marriage however; she had fallen in love with this monster.

She had parties every night shopped every day and pretended her life was amazing while missing her monster who was trying to stay away longer so he didn ’ t have to see how much he had ruined his love.

Honestly, I was shocked but I understood why it had to happen and now I can ’ t sta for the ext book because the weak crying Laura has died with her east and now the new Laura Kayne Malkin is going to get revenge and I hope everyone pays.

Mrs. Kayne Malkin would devote the rest of her life to avenge her Master. ” Laura

gave it

To say that this book f# cked with my emotions would be putting it lightly!

No, Sarah, God ca n't help you.

Unlike all the other men leering at her, she finds herself intrigued and attracted to him.Let 's move along swiftly to where the real story starts and Laura discovers that Kayne is not who he says he is.

Leah is given an insiders glimpse into the shadows and sadistic life Kayne leads.

At first Jill is just a challenge for Kayne, one of the various women he will ultimately break.

Kayne and Laura 's relationship was a constant tug of war.

With Laura trying to resist her inevitable submission to Kayne 's seduction.

So I 've read my fair share of Dark books, but there are situations that are n't necessarily dark but they are my hard limit.

So saying this book took me out of my element is pretty accurate.

gave it

In 151 days her world will crumble and will be rebuilt; full of hate and vengeance.A Bedtime Story is a debut ovel, one you would n't think seeing how well it was written and the feeling it managed to pull out of you.

It may seem like a another captive read, but it is so much more.

I tend to romanticize everything in my head, and different to another nove I recently read, I found myself doing what the heroine did

There were a few hot issues in this tory ( view spoiler) [ cheating, ( view spoiler) [ the non-HEA ( hide spoiler) ] ( hide spoiler) ] that I tend to stay away from, but it 's not something I would lower my rating for, because for this nove to have the most impact it was all necessary to the overall storyline.

In my head, it was almost like dark-twisted take on Beauty and the east, where she is given a better life trapped with a onster that she could ever have alone and instead of a Beast we have a Handsome Monster, who keeps his beast just below the surface.While there was some kin of ending, it is far from being done, there is so much to look forward too and I ca n't wait to read where this bedtime story will take us.

gave it

4 MONSTER STARSThis was certainly no bedtime story.

I really can ’ t explain it because I ’ m not for all that it involves but I can ’ t resist…I ’ ve been total Stockholm Syndrome for some captors and in other ooks, downright lethal in wanting to kill the bastard.

and still have no clue where I stand with Kayne Malkin, the captor/monster.

Of course, Kayne was dangerous and darkness but he was also trong, good-looking and exuded power ...

But despite his eelings for Hannah, Kayne is a onster.

He has the beast and darkness in him. “ He wanted to break her apart so he could put her back together again, over and over again. ” “ So I am a monster.

But I ’ m your monster.

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