A Beggar's Kingdom

Happiness was just the beginning ... The second book in Paullina Simons' stunning End of Forever saga continues the heartbreaking story of Julian and Josephine, and a drea that spans lifetimes. Sometimes a second chance is your only hope.

Is there a fate beyond the fates? Julian has failed Josephine once. Despite grave danger and impossible odds, he is determined to do the unimaginable and try again to save the girl he loves.

What follows is a love story like no other as the doomed lovers embark on an amazing adventure across time and space. Racing through history and against the merciless clock, they face countless dangers and deadly foe.

Living amid beauty and ecstasy, bloodshed and betrayal, each time they court and cheat death brings Julian and Josephine closer to an unthinkable sacrifice and a quarre with the harshest master of all ... destiny.

'Paullina Simons knows how to keep you turning the pages' Courier Mail

Do n't miss The Tiger Catcher, the stunning first End of Forever novel!
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Published August 1st 2019 by HarperCollins (first published July 23rd 2019
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gave it

Earlier this year I read The Tiger Catcher, book one in a new series by Paullina Simons which she calls, the Beginnin of Forever saga.

This one, A Beggar ’ s Kingdom, is both contemporary and historical fiction – and no, I don ’ t mean dual timeline.

Four historical eras, each in a different century; the world building alone is impressive.

Grief abounds, not just for Julian, and when we think Paullina can ’ t possibly inflict anymore suffering upon him, well, she goes ahead and does it anyway.

It ’ s possibly one of the grimmest novels I ’ ve ever read, but the sharp humour, the expansive world building, unique story arc, and very human haracters, all make A Beggar ’ s Kingdom one of my top five favourites from Paullina Simons.

It ’ s all or nothing with this saga, which in actuality, is more like one very long novel split into three parts, than a series in its usual form. ‘ You looked at me strangely, too deeply.

gave it

A series that travels through time walks a very fine line, but Paullina Simons has outdone herself in the eleventh books in the 'End of Forever' saga.

Julian and Emma are soul mates thought all eternity, and Julian literally risks his life over and over again to find his one true love in her variou incarnations.

Jules continues to search through time for his lost love, and the haracters he meets are simply unforgettable.

A tale of true ove, ope and courage, I can not wait for the final ook in the series 'Inexpressible Island' which is releasing later in 2019!

gave it

*https: //mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.comA Beggar ’ s Kingdom is the sixth ovel in a groundbreaking three part series, penned by Paullina Simons.

A Beggar ’ s Kingdom truly encapsulates the term a ‘ grand saga ’ and it will be glad to enthrall fans of the series.A Beggar ’ s Kingdom follows the unique love story of Julian and Josephine.

As reathtaking and as involved as the previous issue in this series, A Beggar ’ s Kingdom is a true testament to a drea like no other.I really admire what Paullina Simons is doing for the publishing world with her one of kind series, the Beginnin of Forever Saga.

No longer does the reader have to sit and eagerly wait the next novel in a series they love, Paullina Simons has it covered!

The third book will also give you some essential padding to the epic second novel.What I appreciated the first ook and I continued to value in my reading of A Beggar ’ s Kingdom is the act that it has altered by perception of time travel.

However, Paullina Simons has made the time travel aspect in her novel work incredibly well.

gave it

WHY BOOK?? 😭😭Julian ’ s and Ellen ’ s love story achieves epic proportions in book 2, as Julian time travels 4 times ( yes, 4) in different periods starting from 1600s+ to early 1900s.

so for those of you who haven ’ t read book 2, steer clear.Also, just a warning: this review is going to be super long because I am going to comment on each time travel period individually.Julian first time travels to 1665.

Because the time travelling itself happens very early in the novel ( page 20 or so), it felt a bit sudden and awkward to me.

I didn ’ t like Josephine-Mallory – not a big surprise there- and I couldn ’ t help but wonder why Julian puts himself through all that crap to be with this person who is so obviously cunning and manipulative.This time around she is a smuggler and a urderer.

When they try to escape through the great fire of London she dies and he is brought back.The second time Julian time travelled, he landed on 1775 right in the most poor, dangerous and disgusting part of London.

I didn ’ t want Ashton to be cast as this important and impactful presence in Riley ’ s life whose absence and betrayal made her to literally go mad.

The hird time Julian travelles was to 1854 and this was hands down my favourite period.

It was the irst time I actually liked Jospehine-Mirabelle.

It was the last time it was hinted that Jospehine-Mirabelle knew Julian already, and their coming together was just glorious.

If Mar was like that in book 1, it would be just perfect.

Sounds super cheesy I know, but Simons is just that good: she makes you care about the most unlikeable characters and have all these deep feelings about the corniest situations.The fourth and final time, Julian travelled to 1911 and this time he lands in New Zealand where “ Josephine ’ s ” mum took her, after she had a gypsy warn her about her daughters ’ s urse.

I liked the directness and how it played out, finally showcasing a strong minded man other than Julian.

I thought to myself many times " Do I actually like this nove?

gave it

Each time she is a different reincarnation ( but still her), and honestly I should love this so much.

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